Statistics of Activism


One of the biggest issues that are brought up with the topic of social activism through social media is the fact that, in many cases, posts or likes that are said to be in aid of a crisis are not helping in any direct or substantial way. Using a hashtag, liking a post, or following a profile that represents or informs people about a social crisis is often seen as helping. This article wrote that 64% of Americans they surveyed said they werere more likely to donate or volunteer for a cause after liking or following the charity. However, out of the number of people who actually liked and supported a cause on Facebook, only 0.24% had donated money. While this amounted to $100,000, the fact that only a fraction of a percent of the people, who claimed to be inclined to help, actually did. That is representative of how social media activism can be ineffective when it comes to liking and sharing. Check this article out here.

In a study conducted by Cone Com, they researched the relationship between the number people getting informed on social media with the number people that actually helped. In their study, they found that 64% of Americans said they’re “more inclined” to support social and environmental issues in ways like volunteering or donating  after “liking” or “following” an organization. While 64% isn’t a great percentage, that still represents a number that goes into the millions. However, only 60% of those people were found to continue to be engaged in the content and the organization. Now, the number of people has almost been cut in half. This is similar to the last article’s statistics, where only a fraction of the people actually helped. This study shows that liking only equals helping if the person continues to help afterwards, which isn’t directly related in all cases. Check this study out here.

The point is, that liking and sharing does not help a cause in any direct way. It merely gives awareness. People who like and share these things are found to not help in any significant way after that. The numbers show this.

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