ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The effectiveness of social media activism is brought into question and an article looked at the ways in which it has been effective. They discussed how a student thought that social media can “amplify” people’s awareness of these types of issues issues, which can lead to more real actions. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, a social media campaign, raised a significant amount of money for their … Continue reading ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


The picture above shows how many white actors/actresses were nominated and won academy awards in the Oscars. The #OscarsSoWhite movement was created in response to the lack of racial diversity in the academy awards. In an article, they discussed how April Reign created the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite and how she was able to create change with it. “Mainstream media picked up the hashtag, and some celebrities … Continue reading #OscarsSoWhite

Activism Helped by Social Media in Egypt

An article spoke about sexual harassment in Egypt, and how it has been addressed with social media. Social media helped by creating circumstances for groups to be formed that help victims of sexual harassment or abuse. There were many cases where social media helped with the awareness of the issue too. There was a video, “of a women in jeans and a blue bra, her … Continue reading Activism Helped by Social Media in Egypt

How to Become a Social Activism

This video shows how you can become an internet activist. This makes very good points on how making a difference requires a real presence. It doesn’t say to just like and share posts in support of something. It gives good advice on how to raise money or how to petition to your local government. This video is a pretty good example of how to enact … Continue reading How to Become a Social Activism


The Occupy Wall Street Movement (OWS) gathered significant influence through social media and news outlets. This movement was put on social media platforms, which allowed it to become more known and influential because of things like the hashtags for this movement, such as the #OccupyWallStreet. In an article talking about the OWS, it staid that the OWS was almost “invisible” on major newspapers or TV news. … Continue reading #OccupyWallStreet

Crisis in Ukraine Helped by Social Media

An article by Paul Sonne wrote about a crisis in the Ukraine that occurred. Fighting began in eastern Ukraine and families became separated and panic ensued. The people within the small towns where it was occurring began to communicate through social media. Sonne stated that the, “Cities on both sides of the front have active social-media community groups”. They began to help each other on social … Continue reading Crisis in Ukraine Helped by Social Media

Social Activism on Social Media

Social activism has become more and more present on social media platforms. Social activism is the action of bringing about change to society and is focused less on specific issues but rather focuses on the root of them. It finds ways to create a stronger community and end injustice. These can be in the form of protests or social media movements that try to encourage … Continue reading Social Activism on Social Media

How Liking and Sharing Can be Like Spam

Encouraging people to like something is not an effective form of activism but it is like spam. It’s not needed and it often leads to no results and doesn’t help solve the problem. While this video is pretty biased against spam, the fact is that sharing political posts over and over again becomes spam. Check out an article on how liking and sharing can become … Continue reading How Liking and Sharing Can be Like Spam