It’s Almost Over

What a year, what a year. My first year of college is finally coming to an end and I couldn’t be readier. I’m going to be honest, this was one of the biggest adjustments that I’ve ever had to make. I’m very family oriented. It was hard for me to leave the nest and be on my own for the first time. I’ve always been the person to run to my parents when things didn’t go right, which I still do. I’m young, I’m still figuring things out, so I always like to have them around. However, I had to learn that one day they aren’t going to be here and that I have to figure out things for myself. College was definitely the push that I needed to realize this. I remember move-in day being so hectic because GRC was being flooded with incoming freshmen. We all wondered around, confused and excited to be in the new building. I moved everything into my room, hugged my parents, and told them goodbye. This was it. I was officially a freshman in college. I experienced my first frat party later that night, and quickly realized it wasn’t my scene. Too many sweaty, intoxicated people. I figured “well, I am in college. I guess this is just a part of it.” First semester definitely woke me up as far as the school work goes. I felt like a fish out of water. I was so use to the way we did things in high school that college was a big change. The homework got tougher, the papers were more intense, and the readings were much longer. It was definitely an adjustment that I don’t feel like I ever truly made. I just felt like I didn’t know how to “college” correctly. I went from never having to study for a quiz and getting A’s to having to study A LOT and getting average and below grades. I quickly began to wonder how I was going to do this for the next three years. However, I have an amazing support system. My parents were always there to push me forward, as well as the friends that I’ve made over the period of time that I’ve been here. We’re all going through the same thing, so it doesn’t hurt to talk about it. When I shared my struggles with my friends, I learned that they were having the same issues too. This is what drove me to do better. This semester, however, is dragging me through the mud. I feel like there’s so much to do in such a short amount of time. Tomorrow is the last day of classes and I wish I felt happy about it. This is the time of year where everyone is proud of the work they produced and are looking forward to enjoying the summer. Not me. I didn’t do as great this semester, so I don’t feel accomplished. I don’t feel like I did all that I could do to prepare myself for the next year. College definitely isn’t for those who like to procrastinate. If there’s one thing I took away from this experience, it’s that.

Nia Long

As you may know, a part of our tuition consists of activity fees. Various entertainment clubs use that money to host fun events for the students at VCU. Monday, APB hosted a women’s empowerment talk with the lovely, Nia Long. She’s starred in some of my favorite movies and the talk with her made me realize how much of a great person she is. She worked hard to get in the position that she’s in and continues to strive to reach her more of her own personal goals. She’s truly an inspiration to me and so many others.

Throughout her acting career, she faced many obstacles. For example, men were often paid more for their work than women. She explained how this is a major issue in the U.S and needs to be fixed. She explained how some of the men that she would be on sets with were typically paid 10x more than she was. This goes for white women as well. There is a certain privilege that our some of our white counterparts don’t acknowledge. This is still very prevalent in our society today. She also explained some of the discrimination she faced being a black woman in the entertainment industry. Ms. Long told us about specific situation where she wasn’t given a role because her “eyebrows were too [neat].” At the time she was the only black girl auditioning for the role as a cheerleader; her counterparts were Asian and white. She figured they probably were doing this to add some diversity to the line-up. Ms.Long says that she knocked the audition out the park. The casting directors loved her performance which made her think that she definitely got the part. However, she got a call saying the complete opposite. Their excuse was that her “eyebrows were too [neat].” At the time, she just thought it was a very silly excuse (everyone in the audience thought the same when she said it). When she got older, she realized that it was probably just an excuse not to hire a black girl for the role and diversify the show. This is an accurate depiction of how the world is today. I feel as though black people will always get the short end of the stick because of how people perceive us. When we put our foot down and actually stand up for what we believe in we’re seen as “aggressive” and “loud.” Nia understood this perfectly, which is why I really admire her. She wants us all to speak up for what we believe and not apologize for it.

At the very end of the talk, she gave us some very important advice. She said “if it’s been done before, you can do it and better.” This stuck with me because often times we doubt our abilities without even knowing it. If somebody in the past was able to do it, we can too and better. There’s only room for improvement from here on out and that is what I strive for. She also mentioned something about this generation not wanting to work for their success. I agree because often times we want someone to just hand us the keys to success without truly working for it ourselves. I’ll admit, I get lazy sometimes and don’t work as hard as I should. However, I fully acknowledge that if I don’t put the work in now, I’m going to regret it later. I don’t want my life to pass me by.

Overall, I think Nia Long has a beautiful soul and she definitely gave me the motivation to get through this tough week. One thing I would say to you all is, if VCU has events like this, you should definitely go because your tuition pays for it and it is a good way to exhale before the madness of final week takes over.













Have you ever woke up in a good mood, but happened to look outside and things changed instantly? That’s how I felt this morning. I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to start my day. I had a meaningful conversation the night before and I felt motivated and ready for the day. However, when I opened my blinds all I saw was gloomy clouds and despair. My mood instantly changed. It was something in the clouds that told me my day was just going to get worse. I’ve always thought that there was a link between the weather and my mood. I know others who have felt this feeling. It’s just an instinct that occurs. I feel as though the weather can have a major impact on your mood. Especially if it continues to get worse. As my day went on, the gloomy sky then turned into a terrible rain storm. I stepped out the door into a different world. One where the sun doesn’t shine, the wind is reckless and the rain has a mind of its own. My mood continued to get worse. It felt as though I was having a battle within myself to stay happy while the world around me is falling apart. Though that might sound a bit dramatic, that is an accurate depiction of how I felt today. I woke up in a happy little bubble and the rain just said, “nope, not today.” Rain can be a very big factor when you aren’t prepared for it. I checked the weather this morning and saw that it was suppose to rain later on, but apparently the weather app lied- as usual. I thought to myself “hmm, maybe I’ll go to Duck Donuts because sweets always cheer me up.” NOPE. As soon as I left Duck Donuts to go to Jonah’s, the rain came pouring down. As I said before I was ill prepared so I didn’t even have an umbrella. My hoodie was soaked along with my shoes and leggings. At this point, I just wanted to throw in the towel today because maybe I just wasn’t suppose to go outside. I should have trusted my gut and just stayed to myself, but no I had to test the waters for myself. This just takes me to my overall point that bad weather can have an effect on your mood. Whether it’s the wind, or rain showers, it can definitely have an effect on how you feel. I even read a article that explains it as well. Anything that can have an inconvenience on you, can impact your mood. Weather is just a prime example of that. However, it is always on you to make the best of a bad situation. If you stay positive and ignore the little inconveniences of life, you can change your life for the better. If I didn’t worry about the little raindrops around me and thought about something positive instead, my day could have went a lot better. For example, I could’ve thought about how good this rain is going to be for the plants and the grass. Though it may have been an inconvenience to me, it wasn’t to the all the plants around me. So my tip to you all is, stay positive and don’t sweat the little things.

My Crown

People may think that hair is just hair, but to me it is more than that. My hair is what makes me, me. It has its own character and personality. It bounces when it wants to and flows in whatever direction it desires. The most important thing, however, is that defines me. When I was younger, my mom put a perm in my hair. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the perm was doing more damage than good. From that day forward, I had always associated straight hair with good hair and the hair that I was naturally born with as unkempt or “nappy.” People always told me that I “looked better with my hair straight” or that I my natural hair wasn’t “good hair.” Where did this perspective of good hair come from? Who is anyone to say that the hair that grows out of your scalp is bad? It took me years and years to realize that what I was doing to my hair was terrible and unnecessary. Perms contain a lot of harsh chemicals that can cause harm to your scalp and hair. My mom didn’t know at the time that perms caused the amount of damage that they did. She just did what she thought was right. She figured if she could put a perm in my hair, it would be easier to take care of; which did happen to be true from ages six and up. The chemicals in the perm made my hair bone straight, which was way easier to manage than my natural kinks. On June 3, 2016, I received the last perm that I’d ever get for the rest of my life. I vowed that from that day forward I would learn to love my natural kinks and love the process that comes with it. It was definitely a challenge because I was so use to slapping a perm in the moment I felt new growth. Ever since the first time I got a perm, I always that the new hair that was growing from my roots needed to be permed immediately. This is because when it grows, it looks like I have two totally different hair textures. That was the transitioning stage for me. I had to wait until all of my hair grew the perm out.    It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life and I wouldn’t go back to perms if my life depended on it. The joy I felt when I finally allowed my hair to be free and grow the way it was meant to grow was definitely unmatched. I even added some color to the fro to spice it up. Personally, when I wear my big fro out in public, I feel like I’m channeling my inner 70’s persona. Some people like the hair and some people stare at me like I’m crazy. As long as I know I’m being true to myself and expressing myself however I chose, I could care less about anybody’s opinion.

Life is stressful

There are so many things that college students face through out the year. I’ve found myself in a hole that I’m not sure how to get out of. This hole is one that I’ve dug for myself, but I am determined to overcome and grow from it. There’s three aspects of life in particular that I’ve found extremely hard to balance: social life, school work and self-care.

I came to VCU with the intentions to branch out and meet new people, as well as get involved with clubs. After a semester and some change, I’ve found myself in almost the same predicament still. As a matter of fact, I’ve withdrawn even more from people and have become a bigger loner than I was when I first got here. I’m just not really sure how to approach people without being socially awkward. However, I did get into a club in hopes of improving my social skills. I feel as though social skills are an important aspect of life. We will need to socialize with people for the rest of our lives, so why not start now. I will get out of this shell eventually. I also feel buried in school work. It feels like the more I do, the more I accumulate no matter what. Procrastination is my middle name, however, so I can’t say that majority of this isn’t my fault. The switch from high-school to college was a big one for me because I could get away with procrastinating in high-school; that’s not the case in college. Professors aren’t there to constantly baby you and remind you when your assignments are due. If your work isn’t done, that is on you. I found myself becoming very unmotivated to do my work. I felt like I didn’t have an extra push to keep me going so I started to slack a lot. If I was to break my work into increments and focus on one thing at a time, I’d have a much better chance of getting it all done on time. This is especially true if I have a heavy workload for the week.

Self-care is also another issue that most college students have a hard time maintaining. When school becomes overbearing, we tend to neglect ourselves in order to get a good grade. However, we must take a step back and realize how unhealthy our lifestyle is. When I got here, I stuffed my face with all the greasy foods that my swipes could buy. My body didn’t like this at all. I started to feel more tired than usual and very unmotivated. I’ve seen firsthand the many restless nights that myself and friends have spent finishing a project or doing hard homework assignments. Lack of sleep takes a major toll on the body. Every little thing aggravates you more than usual and it seems almost impossible to keep my eyes open in class. How can I get my education, while maintaining my personal health? Create a balance. Set aside time for school work and time to yourself. We shouldn’t feel like slaves to the education system. We’re humans and we go through things. Sometimes it is just necessary to take a break from school work and evaluate your well-being.

Be You

People are unique in every aspect. From the way they dress, to the music they listen to, to the hobbies that they have. I’ve always embraced the fact that there are so many different cultures and skin tones around me. That is one of the biggest reasons why I wanted to come to VCU. My question, however, is why do people try so hard to belong to groups if they know they don’t share common interests with them? Why try so hard to be anything but yourself? I appreciate the people who most would consider “outsiders” or “weirdos” because though you make think of them this way, at least they are being themselves. Most people are afraid to truly be themselves because they worry about what people might have to say. They feel like they may not be accepted by others, though this shouldn’t matter. You should be able to freely express yourself, regardless of what people have to say. The people that have the most to say are the ones that wish they could express themselves the way you do. I feel as though a lot of the “cool kids” create this persona to cover up the insecurities they have about themselves. They don’t know how to deal with their insecurities so they create an alternate personality to hide their true feelings. The real alternative should be to talk to yourself, figure out who you really are, and express it however you choose from there.

For instance, my ex couldn’t be himself to save his life. In high school, people always called him lame, but because of who I am I didn’t view him the way others did. He was pretty cool to me, but because he let people get to his head, he tried too hard to be someone that he wasn’t. He had this cool guy persona that I personally hated because I knew it wasn’t him. He would lie about the places he’s been to compete with me, when in reality I didn’t care about things like that. I like people for who they are, not because of the places they have been or things that they can afford. You shouldn’t ever put up a front to impress someone. Who cares if people think you’re lame, at least you’re being yourself. This isn’t me bashing my ex or anything, this is just a personal example of how I’ve watched somebody conform to fit the standards of others. As a society, we get so wrapped up into what people think of us that we lose sight of who we really are. People conform because they want to be socially accepted by a group that they feel is superior to them. In reality, we’re all human beings and we’re all entitled to self-expression. Why on earth would you try to change that to be apart of something that you aren’t? I personally couldn’t see myself changing anything about me to be accepted by someone. Either you accept me for who I am or just don’t. You can’t force someone to like you and you certainly shouldn’t change who you are to try to get them to. You should always be yourself, with no apologies.

That 4 letter L word

You all know what I’m talking about- love. What is love? How do you obtain love? Is it something that is tangible? Can money buy it? Love in a simple definition is a strong feeling of admiration towards something or someone. It is a simple concept with immense power. I’ve always considered love to be a strong word because simply saying “I like this” just doesn’t have the same type of affect that love does. You can love things, people, places, experiences, and so much more. It is so easy to spread love, and it when it is it’s  a beautiful thing. I don’t feel like anyone could ever put a price on love. It is priceless. Experiencing love by itself is a beautiful work of art.

In the aspects of relationships with people, I hold love to a higher value. If I truly love you, it will show. This goes for friendships and romantic relationships. In friendships, I show my love by listening and being there for you when nobody else is. It is also as simple as remembering something specific you told me or sending you uplifting messages because I can tell your having an off day. When you really love someone, you notice all of the things that most people would ignore. You pay close attention to the intricate details about a person and connect on a deeper level. It’s like a soul connection. The same thing goes for romantic relationships. When you began to see someone as a romantic interest, you pay attention and fall in love with everything about them. You look through their flaws because that is what makes them unique. Their very essence. You feel butterflies in your stomach and get nervous when you look them in the eye. This is simply because you love this person. You have a strong sense of compassion for a person.

Love is something that everyone deserves to experience, and not just romantically. I also feel as though you shouldn’t wait to tell someone you love them. If you love somebody, tell them because maybe they feel a lack of it or just need to hear it. You don’t want to wait until it is too late to tell someone you love them. The feeling of being loved by someone is priceless. It is the sweetest joy and should be spread by all of us. Make it your duty to spread love whenever you see the opportunity because you never know who may need it.


The City and the City

The city and the city…yikes. This book was very hard for me to get into in the beginning.The author made it his purpose to add A LOT of detail, some of which I thought was unnecessary. I felt overwhelmed with detail, however I found the book to be more interesting as I got towards the middle. I started to consider the reasons why the author wanted to put so much detail into the plot. Was it to give the imaginary worlds more sense of imagery? Was it to let the readers foreshadow what would happen next? All of these things came to mind because it made sense to me. I feel as though the author wanted to confuse to readers into becoming more invested into the book. If you see something you don’t understand, you’re going to want to keep reading so that you can understand. I thought this was clever. I also liked the way the author would tell you specific things at specific times. For instance, we didn’t find out who Mahalia was until we got a quarter of the way through the book. Had the author told us who she was from the beginning, the plot may have been difference. When I read the first couple of chapters, I assumed that Mahalia was an escort or some type of dirty worker because of the slight details they gave about her. I then realized that that it was the author wanted. He wants you to make assumptions so that when he reveals who she really is you’ll be shocked. I think that is what kept me invested in the book. There was this sort of suspense factor that I liked and made me want to dig deeper into the text. As I was reading, I felt like I was watching a mystery show unfold before me. One thing that kind of turned me away, however, was the way the two cities were explained. A lot of the terminology confused me and often made me mix up the cities. I’m not sure if this what the author was going for, but if so he did a good job of it. It’s almost as if he made the two cities so similar that you misconceive them as one city. It’s like as much the cities wanted to be different from each other, they were so similar that you just couldn’t.

Child Separation: An Immigration Crisis (Op-ed)

Child Separation: An Immigration Crisis

Welcome to America, the home of the brave and land of the free. Except, is everyone truly free? The United States has a strict immigration policy that makes it impossible for everyone to be free. The Mexican immigration issue is a prime example of this. Not only are people fleeing Mexico and crossing the border illegally, they are having their child snatched away from them as well. We live in a world where if an American child was snatched from their family, it would be seen as an obscene practice; however, it is perfectly fine to take a child from a family who came to the U.S illegally. The morals of Americans has been skewed by social media and political viewpoints. An important factor that many of us don’t consider is the reason why immigrants want to come to America. Whether it’s for job opportunities, safer communities, or freedom from gangs, Americans don’t look at those aspects of life. Instead, we say that we need more of our kind and less of anyone else who isn’t like us. Americans tend to live with the idea of greed instead of empathy and understanding.

Child separation at the border has been one of the biggest issues to come from the immigration policy. According to the article “Detached and Afraid: U.S. Immigration Policy and the Practice of Forcibly Separating Parents and Young Children at the Border,” approximately 2,300 children were separated from their parents in May of this year. Not to mention, 102 of the children were under the age of 5 (Roth). This is a vulnerable state for them because they probably don’t understand why they are being taken away from their parents or where their destination will be. Some of the children are put into foster care, while others are put into deportation facilities (Roth).

The facilities that house the children and immigrant families are designed like prisons. According the article “Housing Immigrant Children — The Inhumanity of Constant Illumination,” the lights in the facility were always on which made it difficult for the children to sleep comfortably. This is ridiculous considering the fact that children require a certain about of sleep in order to grow properly. Not only are the children given an unhealthy sleeping routine, they also aren’t given enough natural sunlight (Czeisler). Sleep deprivation can lead to other learning and processing disabilities. Studies have also shown that less sleep has lead to “mental health consequences” (Czeisler). Natural sunlight is also needed to provide vitamin D to the body, which helps to strengthen bones. When you take these basic freedoms away from children, you are no longer treating them as children. The officials that run the facilities don’t treat the children like children, but rather as prisoners who have no idea why they have been imprisoned. About 1500 boys were kept indoors for 22 to 23 hours a day, which kept them from enjoying outdoor activities. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) fails to provide these children with the basic needs that they need to remain healthy. What if these resources were scarce where they came from? Why would you want to intentionally make it harder on these children? If you are going to take them from their parents, you could at least make sure they are given basic necessities.

Another aspect that most people don’t think about is how this situation affects the parents. According to “Family Matters: Claiming Rights across the US-Mexico Migratory System,” Mexicans may not understand the immigration system as well which makes it difficult for them to obtain the rights they’re seeking. Since there are barriers between language, poverty, and legal status, Americans have a greater advantage (Hagan). When being deported, most immigrants lose their parental abilities, which is why their children are taken away (Hagan). This a factor that most of us miss because we never really consider the parents input in having their children taken away. Data shows that at least 700 children have been taken from their parent upon arrival. Imagine the psychological distraught that the parents would face, knowing that they have to give their children away.

Separating children from their parents also plays a major role in their mental health. What would you expect from someone who has been snatched away from their parents? It is a very traumatic experience that will follow these children through their adulthood. The image of strangers taking these children away from their parents will be embedded in their brains. Children are more likely to have suicidal thoughts, depression, and anxiety when taken away from their parents abruptly (Czeisler).

I do feel as though there ways to resolve the separation issues at stake. Firstly, I do not believe that the children should be taken from their parents because it is traumatizing and unconstitutional. When families arrive at the border, they should be able to stay housed together. There is no need to take child from someone who created them. Secondly, I would ask that officials in higher up positions take the time to examine the facilities in which the immigrants are being held. I feel as though if they see how they are being treated, something within their heart will sway their mindset towards a more ethical approach. If they don’t feel anything from watching the way these human beings are being treated on a daily basis, something isn’t right in their hearts. The third solution would be to hold conferences between the immigrants and those who hold higher positions. The conferences would consist of the immigrants giving their take on why they decided to come to the United States and steps that they could take to become citizens of the country. We shouldn’t be so quick to block out people because they aren’t like us, instead we should give them a platform to voice their opinions and thoughts as to what the government can do to be more welcoming. Lastly, the government should start enforcing these changes immediately. The faster we can implement these policies, the better because they shouldn’t have to endure these types of practices. It is very hypocritical to say we are the land of the free, when people come here searching for the same opportunities and get “imprisoned” because of it.

There are simply too many flaws in the immigration system to go unnoticed. Simple solutions such as cutting the lights off to allow children the proper sleep they deserve are so easy to achieve, yet the system doesn’t see an issue with it. As a whole, we can come together to make this process a lot less stressful and judgmental for the immigrants If we could just take the time to analyze these situations, we could make the immigration process a lot smoother and welcoming to others.


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Child Separation: An Immigration Crisis

Child Separation: An Immigration Crisis

Welcome to America, the home of the brave and land of the free. Except, is everyone truly free? Did you know that in May of this year approximately 2,300 immigrant children were separated from their families? This is according to the article “Detached and Afraid: U.S. Immigration Policy and the Practice of Forcibly Separating Parents and Young Children at the Border.” This is a pretty shocking number. Imagine waking up to all of your most precious possessions taken from you, you’d be alarmed right? This is how the Mexican immigrants feel, except it is their precious children. What is even more shocking is the fact that approximately 100+ of these children were under the age of 5. Child separation has become a big issue for the U.S. This is especially true considering the massive surge of media coverage surrounding this issue. There are a few things to consider, however, when discussing the topic of child separation: vulnerability, the facilities in which the children are held, and what we should do to change the system. I feel as though the people who are responsible for enforcing the immigration policies fail to realize the damage that can be done to these children. Being taken away from your parents at a young age can cause developmental issues. These children need their families at a time like this because they are young and need to be guided by their parents. They are at a very vulnerable point in their lives where they need guidance and nurture. If you take their parents away from them, who is going to fill this void? Certainly not the people who house them in these facilities. According to the article “Housing Immigrant Children- The Inhumanity of Constant Illumination,” the children were confined to the indoors for up to 23 hours a day. This prohibited the children from getting natural sunlight, which kept them from enjoying the outdoors and getting the vitamin D that they needed. Why are children being imprisoned as if they committed a real crime? Seeking peace and freedom isn’t a crime and shouldn’t be treated as such. The children also suffered from sleep deprivation because the workers at the facilities wouldn’t do something as simple as cutting the lights off so that they could get a good night’s rest. The facilities failed to provide the very basic essentials one needs to survive. Something as simple as cutting a light off or letting the children enjoy the outdoors deemed too difficult for the officials to do. It is already bad enough that the children are taken from their parents; now they can even receive the basic necessities for survival. These camps shouldn’t be set up like prisons because what real crime has been committed? The parents are another aspect of that people seem to miss. How does separating children from their parents affect them? Can the parents get their child back? The article “Family Matters: Claiming Rights across the US-Mexico Migratory System,” says many of the Mexicans don’t understand the U.S immigration system which makes it difficult for them to obtain the rights they’re seeking. Without the knowledge to obtain citizenship, it is difficult to get their children back as well as seek the opportunities they come to America for. Americans have a greater advantage over the immigrants because they have a stronger understanding of the immigration system, while they do not. The article also states that many of them lose their parental rights when being deported. Imagine that. You come to a different country to seek better opportunities and instead you lose your rights to your children. America tends to put restrictions on things that don’t concern them. What right do we have to take someone’s children away? I feel as the though the U.S doesn’t understand the hardships that immigrants face and that if they did, the immigration system could be better than what it is now. The solution to the child separation is staring us dead in the eyes. The officials who have the authority to change the process should sit down and talk to each of the families that they are taking their children away from and deporting, and see what the process is like from their point of view. I feel as though getting enough accounts from these families should be enough to give these officials a change of heart. The officials should also inspect the facilities so that they can realize that they are unfit for anyone to live in. The facilities are almost like prisons and don’t serve a real purpose besides hold innocent people hostage. If there truly is a need for the facilities, the least they could do is make them suitable for people to live in. The facilities should also host classes to educate the immigrants about the immigration system so that they can eventually gain citizenship and avoid the stress the U.S puts on them. I also believe that they need to understand that the U.S isn’t overpopulated and that immigrants coming isn’t a negative thing. If we weren’t so self-centered and greedy, we would realize that immigration could be a positive thing for both sides. There are so many bigger issues that the U.S needs to focus on rather than immigration. People coming to the U.S could have a positive impact; separating children from their families does not. We as a whole need to learn to be more welcoming to those who want to experience the great opportunities our country has to offer. The sooner our country decides to open its eyes to these realities, the sooner we can come together and make our country a better place for EVERYONE. Not just those who resemble us. Together we can make the immigration process smoother and constitutional. With the strength of our country we can TRULY be the home of the brave and the land of the free.


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