So, I decided to go back and read the Bible from the beginning to the end. My reasoning for this is because I wanted to start being able to analyze the Bible more rather than just reading it and then closing it. I want to be able to catch things that I would not be able to by just reading it once, I honestly want to learn and grow with God and what better way to do so by starting from the beginning where it all began anyways? So, today I read Genesis chapter one, because I’m going to read a chapter everyday analyze it and meditate on it all day.

So in Genesis chapter one it literally talked about the beginning of the earth and how God formed it and all that He made, and how it was all so, so, so good. As I kept reading I started to catch little things that I had not even noticed or even tried to analyze to understand the deeper meaning of the passage. It was like revelations were coming to me, and the pastors or preachers I listened to who might have spoke about parts of this chapter I was reading, were finally coming together and making sense.

Furthermore, I decided to bless you guys with what I learned as I read Genesis chapter one. “And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.” This lets me know God’s presence is everywhere, that he is not human like, but spiritual. That He is powerful enough to be anywhere and everywhere all at one time, and that He is the creator of everything. God made all creations, everything that He made was good. I learned that God is very detailed in what He made during creation, He takes His time with everything. Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.” As I kept rereading this I realized God was having a conversation with Himself. If you’re a Christian or believer then you’ve probably heard of the saying The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and this was shows relationships between all three that are one.

This tells me God made us in His image, because He wanted us to be like Him in ALL ways. I believe it shows me God’s desire for us to have life and that He gives a purpose in this life, so for anyone who feels like they have no purpose, don’t believe it God sees so much value in you!!! But then as I kept reading it talks about how God created man and female, so this means we are equal with different roles God assigned us with. Then God blesses us and everything on the earth, He wants us to be prosperous and to flourish. God clearly makes His intentions known for and to us. Everything that God makes or touches is so good.

P.s. I am not trying to persuade you or anything these are my personal blogs and opinions of what I have learned or experienced, so please if you don’t believe either don’t read it or be offended!


I learned in Lifeline  which is (Bible Study/open discussion) this past Monday that sex was intended to be good but in its right context. Our student pastor taught us that God intended sex to be good but only under the context He put it in. Meaning sex is meant to be good for a husband and wife, NOT and I repeat NOT boyfriend and girlfriend (or whatever your preference is), not a friend with benefits, or a Netflix and “chill” kind of relationship. It was meant to be between a husband and wife, because it is more than just sex. Your souls connect and you become one with your spouse, that is confirmation of God’s covenant between the two.

So, many people believe that all it is, is just sex but it is so much more than that. Sex has become a popular thing where as if  you don’t do it then your laughed at or ridiculed. Furthermore, people are just having sex to say they did it, and don’t even realize the damage they are causing to themselves and there partners. Sex out of its proper context God designed it in causes so much trauma and many wounds, inside and out. So, even if you don’t believe, there are other facts of how sex out of its proper context is harmful.

For example, having sex out of its proper context it was designed in can cause diseases. Many individuals have sex with their partners, but don’t know who else their partners are having sex with, and end up with sexually transmitted diseases. Some of these diseases aren’t curable, so just think about it would you rather have sex in its proper context? Or because you want that moment of instant gratification, you’re willing to sacrifice your personal health forever?

Another reason of how sex out of its proper context is destructive, because it doesn’t fix the void that person has in their life they are trying to fill by having sex. My youth pastor said during Lifeline while talking about sex, when you do it outside of its proper context, that having sex only digs a deeper hole in your soul. Meaning your only making the problem or the issues you are trying to fill with sex bigger. It just creates deeper voids, that will never be filled or healed by having sex.

Now, sex is good of course because if it wasn’t then no one would be doing it and there would be no one on the earth. But, sex is only good and healthy in the context God designed it in, which again is for HUSBAND and WIFE. Why because its meant to be shared only between those two to show and confirm God’s covenant between the two. Also, sex is good in its right context because it allows you to reproduce (children). My youth pastor put it like this sex or intimacy he said “In to me you see” meaning that sex shouldn’t define you or your relationship but that your partner should be able to see you more than just in a physical aspect. They should get to know you for you and not what you have to offer.


In my small group this week we talked about relationships and being okay with singleness. A relationship doesn’t always have to be intimate but it can be with other people, like friends and family. You build relationships through so many ways and with so many different people. Relationships are a necessity to life, God never intended us to be alone copped up in a room by ourselves. No, God wants us to build and have relationships with each other. Because relationships causes things to be done or created. For example, if people did not have business relationships there would be no buildings or companies that sell all these wonderful products, in they hadn’t got in contact or built a relationship with their business partner or etc. If it wasn’t for family relationships, people wouldn’t know how to interact and socialize with others. If it wasn’t for intimate relationships people would not have been born, and the world would not be so populated.

So relationships are so important and necessary for us to have. It creates and sparks new ideas which allows us to grow as a population, its the “thing” that keeps us thriving. But furthermore, we talked about in a relationship how its okay to be single. So, many people believe that being single is the worst thing ever, but it really isn’t. I believe singleness allows you to grow and mature within yourself and God, for those who are spiritual. It teaches you things about yourself you might not be able to learn within being in an intimate relationship. Moreover, you learn what you will and will not accept in relationships when you’re single. It’s just a great time to reevaluate yourself, and grow. So, whenever you decide to get into a relationship you’ll know exactly who you are and how you want to be treated. Not only that, but it’s just good to learn how to love yourself so when you get into different relationships you’ll be able to love others back.

Lastly, relationships are essential to life. In fact, it is how life got started if it wasn’t for relationships no one would be here. Everyone needs relationships because they promote growth and success in the world. So if you’re sitting in your room all alone thinking you’re suppose to live an isolated life, you’re wrong. Get out and start creating relationships! Also, if you think being single sucks remember it doesn’t and that it is a valuable time in your life where you learn all about you. Lastly, its okay to be single because there are so many people in the world who are single, so you’re not alone.

Critical Reflection

In my group presentation I believe that I did a pretty good job, of course there is always room for improvement. I think what made it most successful for me was the fact that I read the book and understood what was going on. By, me doing this I was able to think about the text and ask some probing questions about the book.

As I did my part of taking notes and coming up with some questions, at first, I struggled with what kinds of questions I was going to write about. I was upset because I was assigned chapters 1-7 and those were neither my first nor second pick, so I didn’t want to do it as much. I felt like there was nothing in chapters 1-7 so it would be hard for me to come up with questions. Although as I read, I found out that it was easy to come up with questions and that those chapters had a lot of content within them.

When participating in the fishbowl I wasn’t as nervous as the first time, because I knew the content and was able to communicate with my group effectively. I believe that I communicated with my group well, I responded to every question that was asked. I was able to interact with my groupmates and ask them to probe questions, that made them think more. I didn’t take over the conversation, but I allowed my groupmates to talk and I listened attentively to their responses. I also, was able to explain to one of my groupmates a concept of being able to understand the divide between Beszel and Ul Qoma. Not only, that I was able to use the content from my sociology class and apply it to what was happening in the book.

Although I believe did well and my group there is room for improvement. I believe to make the fishbowl even better we could have had questions like how or why? Instead of just having questions of what you think or etc. Another thing we could have done as a group was trying to connect our answers to the questions with real world situations, which we did but we could’ve done more of that. However, the fishbowl did go well, and I believe everyone did a great job. For the next time to analyze any type of writing I need to use or have questions of how’s and why’s instead of what. Also, I need to try to connect outside influences on the text to possibly get a better understanding.