So, as you all know everyone of Galligan’s classes had to do the LifeBoat exercise. Well, because it was so stressful I just want to talk about it in my blog for this week. Now these are my options, choices, and reasoning so, please don’t think I am an monster lol just hear me out first. We were all asked to go home and ponder about our decisions for who would live and who would die. Now,  I already knew in class who I wanted to live and die and my classmates and I where having a very productive debate about our reasoning’s of why or why not. I believe that some of my classmates where being a little to generous of who stays on the boat, and who died. Just a reminder: NOW IF I COULD SAVE EVERYONE, I WOULD, but those are not the options that have been given.

Now, lets dive right into who would be kicked off the boat forced to potentially die. The first person who has to go is the lifeguard, for obvious reasons (HE CAN SWIM), so I really think he should just swim behind the boat. It’s not fair that he gets to be in the boat when he can just swim behind it to safety!  I mean that’s just my logic in this situation. Second, is the woman who thinks that she is pregnant. Like girl if you don’t know if you’re pregnant or not to bad!!! You should have taken that test, matter of fact you shouldn’t have had sex and not been married then she wouldn’t be in this predicament and possibly dead. Lastly, if you think you’re pregnant why are you on a boat in the middle of the ocean putting your supposedly unborn child in harms way, (NOT A GOOD START OFF TO MOTHERHOOD). Again (THIS IS ALL JUST FUN AND JOKES I WOULD NEVER SAY SUCH OR EVEN THINK TO BE HARSH OR CHOOSE WHO DIES).

Oh, please believe I did not forget about granny with the fifteen grandchildren. She’s definitely voted off the boat, I just think she has lived her life and although her family will miss her its so many of them they will be able to console each other. Grandma has to go there is no other way, unless she is really good at cooking then that might possibly change the whole scenario.

Now, for those who will live. The two married couple, at first I was going to get rid of them but I thought why be so cruel. I thought what the heck let them enjoy their life they just got married, this trip could possibly be their honeymoon gone wrong. Then I was going to keep the veteran nurse because she has skills, duh I mean it is pretty obvious she’ll be needed. Lastly, I’ll keep the twins, although they have no busy being up there on the boat without their family, I’ll be gracious and spare their life. It wouldn’t be right to kill one twin, I might as well eliminate the both of them but, I’m feeling a little generous right now.

These are my options you can call me a monster or horrible, but honestly I didn’t have a choice Professor Galligan made me do this terrible terrible choosing, which has broken my heart in making me the ender or beginner of life. P.s these are all jokes Professor Galligan (DON’T LOWER MY GRADE BECAUSE OF THIS).


P.S. I don’t even know why I keep using all caps.


So, this past weekend I went home because I had to speak for Youth Day at my church. Which by the way it went very well, I’ll possibly make a blog about that and how it went, but for now I want to talk about the movie Us. While I was home I took my friends who came to support me and my sister to go see the movie Us. Which by the way if you haven’t seen it, it is a must see. Literally it will blow your mind. I’m writing this blog because I want to get my frustration and thoughts out about the movie, so I’m pretending as if I am a movie critique.

First to start things off again the movie was very good, kudos to Jordan Peele and his magical thinking. As, I was watching the movie, I thought it was so cool how he incorporated a real fact that we as human have shadows, which we do. But, the shadows he were referring to were made by the government but an experiment gone wrong, and the real people where never meant to see the shadows. But, Lupita the star character in the movie, her person went somewhere and it exposed her to the shadow, SHE WAS NEVER SUPPOSE TO BE.

Now, as the movie went through I thought I understood all of it. Like everyone who’s reading this blog I want yall to understand the disgust that I felt when I seen the end of the movie. It showed me that I knew absolutely nothing!! Like Jordan Peele really hit me with a plot twist, and like I was so baffled. Because, like I just want yall to understand how much I thought I knew the movie and how bad the ending had me sitting with my mouth wide open like what the heck!

So, if you haven’t seen this movie and plan on it please do not keep reading cause this is where I’m going to explain why I was confused. At the end of the movie the boy who was the ladys’ son, realized that his mom was the actually the shadow, and she supposedly killed the real girl who wasn’t suppose to go somewhere and found her shadow. I’m just like how the heck did I not know that this was the bad girl, like I literally watched the entire movie thinking I knew what was going on only to get to the end and see that everything was destroyed in my thinking.

I really would like to talk to Jordan Peele and ask him why would he trick me like this? I need to know exactly why would he created so that the bad girl aka the shadow, got to experience the life the good girl was suppose to have. Then on top of that will there be a second movie on Us, because it is just so much to uncover and fix, because I’m not pleased with the way it ended.

Watch Your Mouth

So, Monday I had Lifeline (Bible Study) in the Rams Lounge in the commons. One of the ladies from the church called The Life Church in Richmond was speaking that day, because she is a good friend of Aaron who is the Student Pastor. We have been going through a series called future me and goals, so the lady talked about our words. The title of her message was Watch Your Mouth, hence the title of my blog this week.

As, she began to talk she told us the stories of how her sister and her use to argue and say mean things to each other. She further went on to say how her mom would tell them to watch their mouth, and she never understood why it was said. Until she got older she realized that her mom would always say that because she realized her words have power. She realized that the things she said would have influence over her life and how it played out. She even posed the question to us maybe  the reason we aren’t where we want to be in life is because of the words we are speaking.

Even, if you are not a spiritual person hopefully you’ve realized that words are powerful. That they really do determine the outcome of your life. Just think about it, if you’re always speaking negative or bad things about yourself or others you’ll never be successful or happy. How I know that words are powerful because depending on what you say to people will either encourage them or discourage them for a good while. You literally have the ability to either make yours or someone else day or destroy it just with the words that come out of your mouth.

So, back to what the lady was saying she was just advising us that in order to fix our words we have to know who God has created us to be. We have to know if God thinks so highly about us, then we should think the same and not otherwise. Because, we were made in His image and likeness, so therefore each one of us are the! As she was saying this it really made me think that I need to make sure I am being careful of what I say out my mouth especially when its about myself. Instead of being negative I need to be positive and encourage myself until I truly believe every good thing I say about myself. Not only that but I need to do the same for others, to not gossip but uplift other individuals, encouraging them to be their best selves.

Once, the lady had finished speaking she challenged us to write down five affirmations and to say them everyday of the week to see how it effects our everyday lifestyle. So, I need to write down some affirmations and say them everyday to stay positive and help influence my goals and dreams I want accomplished. Lastly, anyone who reads this just know that your are an awesome divine beauty and to speak kindness over yours and other peoples life!


How I define what is a good conversation to me or not is by if the end of the conversation I have either learned something, or walked away with a new outlook on certain topic. In good conversations I like to have I want them to be challenging and make me think. Almost, to the point where I am questioning is what I’m thinking justifiable and etc… I love conversations also where I am right and the other person learns from knowledge I am able to share with them and vice versus. I feel like conversations should be natural and not forced, meaning it shouldn’t be robotic or rehearsed, but it showed flow.

I have never really thought about how I carry out a meaningful conversation. As  I think about it I probably just start talking to someone naturally either my facial expressions or body language will signify if I’m interested or not. If the conversation is really good I will lean in or say a lot of feedback during the conversation. In my conversations I have with people, I’m trying to learn how to be more of a listener in the conversation before speaking. I’ve definitely learned that a good conversation requires lots of pauses. Because how can you truly listen to someone, if you’re always trying to but in?

I believe that the major differences between written and oral communication is how it is displayed in conversation. With written communication people can interpret what you are saying any way the perceive, even if it is not how you envisioned them too. Another, thing about written communication is that it allows you to express yourself without having to be verbal. So, if you’re a shy person this is like the best thing you could ever do, you get your point of cross without having to even say a word out loud.

Although, with oral communication however you deliver what you are trying to say verbally is how your audience will interpret. Also, with oral communication you have to be very careful on how you deliver your message to others, and you have to make sure your body language is a certain way. Because body language is also a part of verbal communication. They way your body language is determines how you feel about a conversation you are having with someone or a group of people.

How I move between the two is by determining what kind of conversation I want to have. Sometimes, I don’t feel like talking so I will text people instead which is my written communication. Or if I do want to talk verbally I will but I am cautious of how I present conversations and the way I interact in them.

Spring Break OH Yeaaa

So, since we have to do a blog during our Spring Break let me tell you all exactly what I have been doing. Now this might be a surprise to many of you, but honestly I almost forgot we had to do a blog this week. So, now I’m like okay what the heck am I going to write about ? Welp I’m going to write about what I have done so far for Spring Break, which is nothing. I’ve done absolutely no work so far up until now, because this blog is due Friday.

Well actually I recant I have done somethings not school related of course, because such a procrastinator. Anyways, I have done some things so far on my break. Just about everyday I have to wake up around 2 or 3 am to take my mom to work, because we’re sharing a car right now. Then once I take her to work I drive back home to sleep, and wake up to her beautiful calls of nothing (I want to cry every time she does this). Then we go to our other job and work for a few hours and go back home.

Some other things I have done on break, I’ve had practices. You would think that my instructor would go light on me since I’ve been at school, nope he doesn’t believe in that lol. I’ve also slept all day which has been so wonderful, but then it gets boring because its like alright I’m running out of dreams while I sleep. Oh and I’ve been watching my dog. He’s a puppy chihuahua and he is always in every darn thing. Like he always wants to be played with which is expected because he’s a puppy but its like dude can we just chill and watch Paw Patrol together? One of my least favorite things I have had to do over the break is pick up dog poop. Now I know they can’t do it themselves but I honestly wish they could. I hate picking up other people or things poop, besides mine.

Although, it sounds like my Spring Break has sucked it honestly has been great. All the annoying and fun things are what makes it the best Spring Break, and the fact that I get to be home with my family makes it all the more better. Oh but I’m not finished in what I will be doing to end my Spring Break, I’m going to my friends birthday party at Bahama Breeze, and I’ll be hanging out with my other friend. Then my uncle is going to make me rice krispy treats to take back to school, so Spring Break ending is going to be great.