So, this past weekend I went home because I had to speak for Youth Day at my church. Which by the way it went very well, I’ll possibly make a blog about that and how it went, but for now I want to talk about the movie Us. While I was home I took my friends who came to support me and my sister to go see the movie Us. Which by the way if you haven’t seen it, it is a must see. Literally it will blow your mind. I’m writing this blog because I want to get my frustration and thoughts out about the movie, so I’m pretending as if I am a movie critique.

First to start things off again the movie was very good, kudos to Jordan Peele and his magical thinking. As, I was watching the movie, I thought it was so cool how he incorporated a real fact that we as human have shadows, which we do. But, the shadows he were referring to were made by the government but an experiment gone wrong, and the real people where never meant to see the shadows. But, Lupita the star character in the movie, her person went somewhere and it exposed her to the shadow, SHE WAS NEVER SUPPOSE TO BE.

Now, as the movie went through I thought I understood all of it. Like everyone who’s reading this blog I want yall to understand the disgust that I felt when I seen the end of the movie. It showed me that I knew absolutely nothing!! Like Jordan Peele really hit me with a plot twist, and like I was so baffled. Because, like I just want yall to understand how much I thought I knew the movie and how bad the ending had me sitting with my mouth wide open like what the heck!

So, if you haven’t seen this movie and plan on it please do not keep reading cause this is where I’m going to explain why I was confused. At the end of the movie the boy who was the ladys’ son, realized that his mom was the actually the shadow, and she supposedly killed the real girl who wasn’t suppose to go somewhere and found her shadow. I’m just like how the heck did I not know that this was the bad girl, like I literally watched the entire movie thinking I knew what was going on only to get to the end and see that everything was destroyed in my thinking.

I really would like to talk to Jordan Peele and ask him why would he trick me like this? I need to know exactly why would he created so that the bad girl aka the shadow, got to experience the life the good girl was suppose to have. Then on top of that will there be a second movie on Us, because it is just so much to uncover and fix, because I’m not pleased with the way it ended.

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