So, as you all know everyone of Galligan’s classes had to do the LifeBoat exercise. Well, because it was so stressful I just want to talk about it in my blog for this week. Now these are my options, choices, and reasoning so, please don’t think I am an monster lol just hear me out first. We were all asked to go home and ponder about our decisions for who would live and who would die. Now,  I already knew in class who I wanted to live and die and my classmates and I where having a very productive debate about our reasoning’s of why or why not. I believe that some of my classmates where being a little to generous of who stays on the boat, and who died. Just a reminder: NOW IF I COULD SAVE EVERYONE, I WOULD, but those are not the options that have been given.

Now, lets dive right into who would be kicked off the boat forced to potentially die. The first person who has to go is the lifeguard, for obvious reasons (HE CAN SWIM), so I really think he should just swim behind the boat. It’s not fair that he gets to be in the boat when he can just swim behind it to safety!  I mean that’s just my logic in this situation. Second, is the woman who thinks that she is pregnant. Like girl if you don’t know if you’re pregnant or not to bad!!! You should have taken that test, matter of fact you shouldn’t have had sex and not been married then she wouldn’t be in this predicament and possibly dead. Lastly, if you think you’re pregnant why are you on a boat in the middle of the ocean putting your supposedly unborn child in harms way, (NOT A GOOD START OFF TO MOTHERHOOD). Again (THIS IS ALL JUST FUN AND JOKES I WOULD NEVER SAY SUCH OR EVEN THINK TO BE HARSH OR CHOOSE WHO DIES).

Oh, please believe I did not forget about granny with the fifteen grandchildren. She’s definitely voted off the boat, I just think she has lived her life and although her family will miss her its so many of them they will be able to console each other. Grandma has to go there is no other way, unless she is really good at cooking then that might possibly change the whole scenario.

Now, for those who will live. The two married couple, at first I was going to get rid of them but I thought why be so cruel. I thought what the heck let them enjoy their life they just got married, this trip could possibly be their honeymoon gone wrong. Then I was going to keep the veteran nurse because she has skills, duh I mean it is pretty obvious she’ll be needed. Lastly, I’ll keep the twins, although they have no busy being up there on the boat without their family, I’ll be gracious and spare their life. It wouldn’t be right to kill one twin, I might as well eliminate the both of them but, I’m feeling a little generous right now.

These are my options you can call me a monster or horrible, but honestly I didn’t have a choice Professor Galligan made me do this terrible terrible choosing, which has broken my heart in making me the ender or beginner of life. P.s these are all jokes Professor Galligan (DON’T LOWER MY GRADE BECAUSE OF THIS).


P.S. I don’t even know why I keep using all caps.

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  1. Girl you are really hilarious. I actually agree on all the scenarios you listed here. I just would like to know what runs through your head when you go about making the decisions you made. I know what goes on in my head but I wonder how you think sometimes. You are a really interesting human. In fact, I searched for your blog posts just to comment on your stuff cause I knew I would laugh. We are currently on the phone talking so I think it is especially hilarious that you do not know I am currently reading your blog post. But reading this post in your voice is cracking me up. But I have one follow-up question. Which one of your boyfriends did you last talk to? LOL

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