So, this week I just want to get this issue that happened off my chest. Now, for those reading its not anything bad or monstrous, its actually kind of petty. But I just want to use this blog post to talk about it, next week post will be more interesting! Without further a do lets get into the pettiness. So, I’m apart of an organization on campus I will not say which because then that will expose the people, and I’m petty but not that petty. Therefore, names will not be administered here I’ll just use fake ones, but yall get the point.

Anyways, in this organization we have certain jobs to do or positions so to speak, that everyone should be keeping up with and on task for.  Libby(fake name) is in charge of reserving rooms so our group has places to meet on our certain days, to discuss information. Well Libby hasn’t been doing anything she’s been very lazy in doing her job of reserving rooms. Now, you’re probably thinking I’m exaggerating or being critical but I want to tell you that I am not. I say this because we live in GRC many of you know this is the newest freshman dorm, so I’ve told Libby many times all you have to do is email the person in the office of GRC and ask to reserve the room. But, because Libby is so lazy she refuses to do so and just uses Broad and Belvidere because one of the other leaders lives there and said she can get the study room for us.

Now, many of you are like okay so whats wrong with that? Less work for her right? NOOOOOOOOO, Libby doesn’t understand that when our organization has events not many girls come because its too far of  a walk versus GRC which is closer and easier access. So, Libby text me asking is the movie room reserved for GRC for our meeting and I text back IDK. Why did I say this back? Because, I honestly didn’t know so, Libby takes offense and asses me a different question with the same meaning as the last one. I simple give her an answer of yes, but isn’t this your job to do? Which it is her job to do, but Libby gets upset and keeps running her mouth. I simple just k, her to end the conversation because it was no need for her to add extra stuff in the text message.

However, I know you guys are probably thinking that was rude of me to k her, but it was rude of her to keep talking to me as if she lost her mind and I wouldn’t slap her silly. I am not a violent person, unless someone hits me but I just thought that would be funny, but I seriously will slap her if she tries me. I just don’t understand why she felt the need to be extra like girl, you’re mad cause you’re not doing your job. I’VE BEEN DOING HER JOB FOR HER!!! I don’t mind helping but shes not even trying to reserve the rooms, which is like girl its not that hard just send an email.

BTW I am not mad at Libby I just want her to learn how to do her job instead of running her mouth. With all that talking she was doing she could’ve emailed the person for the room reservations. So, if you take nothing from this don’t be the Libby of an organization do your part and be a contributor to the group/organization, not a roadblock. PERIODT!

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