As, we approach the end of the semester many of us are starting to lose energy or motivation to finish off strong. Well, this post is just going to be some words of encouragement that have been helping me push through all the way to the end of the semester.

So, first I just want to say for whoever feels this way keep going!!! Don’t give up you’re literally almost there to the finish line. You can literally tasted it on your tongue the freedom the victory the accomplishment of being completely done with your freshman year!!!! Just think about how proud your parents, sibling, or grandparents are going to be of you that you pushed through and didn’t give up !! Not only, them but how proud of yourself you can be when you get to the end of the semester.  To know that you were able to push through and complete a whole year of college FRESHMAN year at that, when some people or  your friends might have even dropped out.

Furthermore, just think about your goals that you set to keep you motivated. For me I remember that in order to be successful I have to do great in school. I try to trick my mind into thinking every assignment I have to complete is important because in each assignment I am learning something new I will need for the career field I want to work in. I try to come to class with an open mind ready to learn, so that way the days won’t go by slow nor the classes feel as if they are a waste of time. I just really try to remind myself as well all the money my mom has given to Virginia Commonwealth University so, I’ll be damned if I come back home and tell her I failed. If anything I want to make her proud and show her that, her money didn’t go to waste but that I used the money she spent on me and making it worth her while.

I just truly believe the only way you’ll have motivation for finishing the semester strong is if you master you mind. Everything is all in our brain, so if we can think positive and say positive things, it will be easier to finish out the semester. Or, if that is to much of a stretch just trick your mind into thinking school is the best thing ever and the funniest place to be. Lol, I chuckled typing that part up. Also, if you’re the party type think about it this way, if you don’t do good in school no more parties for you. Because your parents will be riding your butt and that is very annoying and stressful and it’d be easier if you just stay focused and motivated to do your work and complete the semester.

Hopefully, that was encouraging to you and makes you want to go harder to complete the semester. If not check someone else blog and see if they have something that will pull at your heart strings and make you want to do awesome in all your classes, which will pull you a step closer to making your dreams a reality.

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