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Jailyn Williams Listening to the soundscape #4

Tuesday November 7th 2017

2:00 pm

cold and rainy

50 degrees

I sat outside in my same spot at the same time. It is very gloomy outside with light rain. It smelled so fresh and the wind was so cold it felt sharp.  There were very few people outside because of the rain. The few people that walked by were in raincoats walking super fast and I did not hear any cellphones ringing. There were not many cars passing by so, I heard no horns.

Audiographic GoldLink


GoldLink is a relatively new artist. He began his career with his birth name, D’Anthony Carlos. He began making music as a hobby after high school. In 2013 he began performing as GoldLink, releasing several free tracks on soundcloud. GoldLink released his first mixtape and complex named it one of the best projects released during the first half of 2014. GoldLink collaborated with producer Rick Rubin in 2015 and released his second mixtape that placed number 19 on its Best Albums of 2015 list. In 2016 he signed with RCA Records. By 2017 he was collaborating with artists like Jazmine Sullivan, Wale, and Shy Glizzy. He made the single “Crew” and it has peaked to number 51 on the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming his highest charting single in the country. Crew is about growing up rough, trying to succeed, and no one really giving you any attention. When you finally make it people want to be around you and be in your crew. I chose this song because its my favorite at the moment. It puts me in a certain vibe and mood that I love. Its a great song to listen too when you just want to vibe with friends.

The song opens up with a guy saying a prayer. While he is saying his prayer the background of the song changes. The sound first sounds like a plane taking off. It then transitions into the sound of a subway and  a church bell ringing. After this it transitions into the sound of traffic. You can hear the cars hitting the wind and in the distance a horn honking in slow motion. You can also hear ambulance and police sirens going off. The contrast of sounds reminds me of life in New York City. I think the prayer and the background sounds have meaning. His words are angry. He is asking for revenge agaisn\\\'t someone who killed his friend. The background noises are similar to what you would hear if you were in a dangerous neighborhood or the city. I think this beginning part is a statement but also a way of getting the listener into the scenario of what the song is set in. After the guy finishes his prayer the song goes into a repeated rhythm that leads us into the chorus. The rhythm sounds a lot like a beat added to rain outside.
There is a pause for 1 second before the chorus comes in. The lyrics describe a girl who only sees him for money. He is questioning where she was before he reached stardom and labeling her as a fan who holds no rank in his life.  Once the voice comes in there is background vocals that are repeated they sound like harmonic vocals. It sounds like two people are humming in harmony to flow with the main vocalist. The humming reminds me of an acapella singing group that accompanies each other with different tones of voices. The voices don\'t overlap or crash with the vocalist, they just compliment them. The beats in the background are stable at first and then change. The repeated rhythm in the beginning is added with a bass and a hand clapping noise. When the chorus starts to end, in comes another vocalist and the beat suddenly transitions.
The transition into verse 1 is sudden but there is a slight pause when the vocalist starts his verse. The lyric content consists of him going off the story of the chorus. The girls want to be in his life because he finally made it to the top. He is explaining that he only wants one thing from them. He then goes on to explain that if it wasn\'t for the people that lived where he was from and made sacrifices for him he wouldn\'t be at the top. The beat stays consistant till the middle of his verse when it switches. It goes from a low soft beat to a more fast paced beat. This transition makes my energy go up. It is a climax to let the listener know that the vocalist is about to change into another vocalist. At the end of verse 1 there is a rhyme that makes it flow easier into verse 2 because it is more upbeat than verse 1.
The vocalist starts his verse off with \"HEY\" setting the tone for a more upbeat vibe than the last verse that was more mellow. The bass and clapping sound seems to get louder in this verse. These lyrics continue on with the story. He starts by introducing himself and mentions that he is from the southeast which is a very bad area in D.C. This could explain the introduction with the police sirens and ambulances. "She invite me to her crib, I walk in she see my heat, She said but, I live in the hills"  In this verse he is explaining that his girl is from the nice part of town and he brought his from of protection with him to sleep with, because it is a habit from living in the southeast. He then goes and explains that the girl knows he isn\'t average and he has money. The beat remains stable once it starts until the middle when it takes a very short pause and picks up back on the rhythm throughout the remainder of the verse.
The chorus comes in only in the beginning and end. I have never heard a chorus in a song in this order before. I think it made a point of wrapping the song up in the beginning and telling the story of their time in the industry and the types of experiences they have with girls. I noticed a rhythmic pattern in this song. Each verse had their own pattern. The songs transitions always started with a very fast pause going into the next verse. There really are no sudden changes in the song only slight ones. For the most part I would say that the sound is pretty consistant, balanced, and stable. The ending of the repeated chorus takes out the beat, bass, and hand clapping effect. The sound is left with a decrescendo that sounds like bells to echo out the songs ending.

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Soundscape No.3

October 31st 2017

5:30 pm

64 degrees sunny and slightly windy

In front of West Grace North

Today is Halloween. It is a nice day but, kind of chilly.  I expected to see people dressed in costumes. Since chipotle is right down the street I saw people dressed up in costumes to go get a 3 dollar burrito. I heard a lot of chatter, 10 cellphone noises, but no airplanes. The 5 o clock traffic was backed up on West Grace street, the cars were backed up for awhile. I heard 5 honking horns and someone even yelled out of their window angrily.

Soundscape Listening No.2

October 24 2017

Soundscape No.2


71 degrees

In front of West Grace North

Its was very nice outside today. The wind is lightly blowing. I can hear the trees rustling together. There are a lot of people out today. Since it’s now offically the fall everyone has on their fall outfits. I hear boots clicking agaisn’t the bricks as the students are walking to class. Two people were walking their dogs. I hear the dogs chains clashing together. I heard 4 cellphones today. One was the default ringtone of an iphone and the others were text message alerts. I heard 2 honking horns and one person breaked so hard I heard the screeching of their tires agaisnt the pavement.

Soundscape No.1 Jailyn Williams

In front of West Grace North

October 17 2017 3:00pm

60 degrees sunny and windy

I expected this afternoon to be quiet. I assumed people were going to be in class and no one was going to be on the roads because they were at work.

I was wrong, it was students piled at the cross walks trying to get where they were going. The wind was shallow but, enough to have my hair all over my head. It sounded light and crisp in my ears. The road in front of me had cars coming from both ways. The amount of times I heard a horn honk was 5. Honking horns are a very unpleasant sound when you’re close. The cars going fast mixed with the wind sounded like paper ripping. As people were walking by I only heard one cellphone ring, all the other cellphones were occupied by their users. The leaves have started to fall so, when people would pass it sounded like the crunch chips make when you eat them. There were no airplanes passing by while I was outside.

Jailyn Williams Sound In Painting MHIS243

Sounds in The Eavesdropper:

The people in the background:

It looks like they are about to have dinner. The woman looks like she’s making a toast. The sounds I hear from looking at this is a womans soft voice and wine glasses clashing together.

The Girl on the steps:

The girl looks like she is the eavesdropper. It looks like she is putting her finger to her mouth to say “shh”. The sounds I hear from looking at this is her breathing heavily and nervously. I hear the steps creaking as shes walking down them trying to not let anyone hear her.

The woman and the man:

These two look like they are having an intense conversation that they don’t want anyone to hear. Her facial expression looks very serious and the way he has his arms around her makes it seem like he is saying something very important. I also noticed The cat across from them glaring. The sounds I hear are a soft male whisper and the cat purring.

The outside:

The outside to me looks very gloomy. In the distance it looks a woman with a baby carriage. Maybe they were out for a walk. The sounds I hear are wind blowing the carriage creaking as it sways from the wind.

Thoughts on Listening Post 1

I enjoyed Steve Rodens piece all together. I heard some samples throughout the song that I thought I could sample if I were making a piece of music. The sounds throughout the track were on 3:25, 16:55, and 28:18. First, 3:25 caught my attention because it sounded like something you would hear in a scary movie. The fluctuating high pitched noises and gong in the back ground was very eerie. If I was going to use this sample I would add some loud bang noises and make it sound like a climax in a horror movie. Second, 16:55 sounded like a rainforest which I loved. It was very relaxing to listen to. The added chirping and bug noises with the raindrop it sounded like made it much more peaceful. It reminded me of a sound machine. Lastly, 28:18 sounded like bells ringing. It reminded me of the game of thrones. It sounded like some sort of warning bell or a call for something. This was also very eery sounding. The least part I liked about this was the high pitched noises it was very irritating to my ears similar to listening to someone scratch a chalkboard. Without the gongs I dont think I wouldve been able to listen to it by itself.