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Jailyn Williams Listening to the soundscape #4

Tuesday November 7th 2017

2:00 pm

cold and rainy

50 degrees

I sat outside in my same spot at the same time. It is very gloomy outside with light rain. It smelled so fresh and the wind was so cold it felt sharp.  There were very few people outside because of the rain. The few people that walked by were in raincoats walking super fast and I did not hear any cellphones ringing. There were not many cars passing by so, I heard no horns.

Soundscape No.3

October 31st 2017

5:30 pm

64 degrees sunny and slightly windy

In front of West Grace North

Today is Halloween. It is a nice day but, kind of chilly.  I expected to see people dressed in costumes. Since chipotle is right down the street I saw people dressed up in costumes to go get a 3 dollar burrito. I heard a lot of chatter, 10 cellphone noises, but no airplanes. The 5 o clock traffic was backed up on West Grace street, the cars were backed up for awhile. I heard 5 honking horns and someone even yelled out of their window angrily.

Soundscape Listening No.2

October 24 2017

Soundscape No.2


71 degrees

In front of West Grace North

Its was very nice outside today. The wind is lightly blowing. I can hear the trees rustling together. There are a lot of people out today. Since it’s now offically the fall everyone has on their fall outfits. I hear boots clicking agaisn’t the bricks as the students are walking to class. Two people were walking their dogs. I hear the dogs chains clashing together. I heard 4 cellphones today. One was the default ringtone of an iphone and the others were text message alerts. I heard 2 honking horns and one person breaked so hard I heard the screeching of their tires agaisnt the pavement.

Soundscape No.1 Jailyn Williams

In front of West Grace North

October 17 2017 3:00pm

60 degrees sunny and windy

I expected this afternoon to be quiet. I assumed people were going to be in class and no one was going to be on the roads because they were at work.

I was wrong, it was students piled at the cross walks trying to get where they were going. The wind was shallow but, enough to have my hair all over my head. It sounded light and crisp in my ears. The road in front of me had cars coming from both ways. The amount of times I heard a horn honk was 5. Honking horns are a very unpleasant sound when you’re close. The cars going fast mixed with the wind sounded like paper ripping. As people were walking by I only heard one cellphone ring, all the other cellphones were occupied by their users. The leaves have started to fall so, when people would pass it sounded like the crunch chips make when you eat them. There were no airplanes passing by while I was outside.