Panning for Nuggets

“The enticing nature of communicating with a large fan base can easily overcome the appeal of a deeper and more complex personable relationship. This is when our society begins to get into trouble. When we move towards being less personal in our interactions because of communications technology, we tend to forget the very purpose of the technology itself. The designed purpose of these inventions is to bring us closer together and not farther apart.”
-Joseph Webster, The Effects and Impact of Mass Communication Technology on Society (An Analysis and Theory)

I chose this quote because it states what is obviously happening with technology and social media. We’re able to talk to people without being face-to-face through text and instant messaging and we can acknowledge that someone really likes Chipotle when we see it in our feed. In our efforts to be more connected, we are driving ourselves apart and living through a tiny screen. I still like the way social media can connect and inform us, though.

“Recent research has shown that the sound of a text message or an email hitting your inbox leads to the release of dopamine, a chemical activated when something enjoyable happens unexpectedly. If this is the case, then we could say that over-using technology trains the brain to relate these feelings of pleasure with this kind of interaction, further amplifying our desire to engage with it. The presence and growth of technology has brought with it a whole host of wonderful things. No one can deny that.”

I chose this article to compare with the first article because it reiterates how dependent we are to our technology. I read that quote thinking about how my heart would sometimes jump when my phone buzzed or how I felt anxious getting an email or a telephone call from a strange number. It’s all in our heads, the scope of feeling connected, just by seeing someone’s name on your phone or looking at their profile.

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