Computer Lib/Dream Machines Nugget

“Computers are simply a necessary and enjoyable part of life, like food and books. Computers are not everything, they are just an aspect of everything, and not to know this is computer illiteracy, a silly and dangerous ignorance.”
-Computer Lib

“Technology is an expression of man’s dreams. If man did not indulge his fantasies, his thoughts alone would inhibit the development of technology itself”
-Dream Machines

I chose one quote from the computer lib section and one from the dream machines section to get a feel for both of them, because they are “bound together.” I enjoyed the first quote because computers are really  being a part of our everyday lives. We’ve all got tiny computer (cellphones) in our pockets that  we are never really too far away. I find the “computers are not everything, they are an aspect of everything” a curious and sort of mind boggling statement. Will we ever get to a point wear we as human won’t depend of technology so much, or will it continue to expand? I really loved the second quote because it conveyed exactly what I had wanted my inquiry project to be about before I modified it. When thoughts or actions are repressed, they have to manifest in some way. Was that the birth of computers/technology?

This nugget connects to my topic because I could definitely blend this article with the culmination of twitter, how it has changed, and where it might be going. My interpretation of this nugget is important because, like I’ve said before, I can refer back to this and maybe come up with some new ideas and spark my imagination.


I like the way LivingTheDream chose a similar quote to me and thought about it the same way I did. I agree when he mentions that we don’t need computers but since they are here, they are here to stay. Ewingjm2’s post caught my attention because of their interpretation of the quote they chose. “Our lives are bound only by our dreams,” really solidifies how far we can go in life and how far we are willing to go. Helenakim’s post sparked my interest because of her dedication to her posts and the depth she takes with the posts.

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  1. I don’t think computers are going anywhere and that we should continue to expand their use. I’ve mentioned this on some other nuggets. As long as we continue to adapt to the growing use of computers we’ll be fine. Computers will always need some more of commands to operate whether its typing in lines of code, clicking a start button, or even just turning it on. We must understand the reason the computer is being used and the result of its use. The day humans completely lose the ability to reason and think critically is the day our society falls apart.

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