Groupthink in Beta

I beta-ed willthesullivans Inquiry and would say that he is definetely off to a good start. It is a rough draft but it has a lot of potenial. Because it is a draft, I can’t say that I have all the background info on his topic but I’m sure he’ll flesh it out. It appears that he did very good research and will use it to his full ability. Will has got some good arguments and ideas, he just has to write them down. The most significant thing I could say to the author is keep on the path you’re on because it’s only in it;s early stages and there are a lot of places he could go.

The KhanQuest’s Inquiry was very clear as to what the topic was. They stated that they weren’t done so I know they will dig deeper later. From what I read, they are on to a good start, keeping things light and fun, while making a point. They referenced our New Media readings well and included a works cited page. Their main points were on the right track, they just need to be more focused. The most significant thing they need to consider is that the hard part is done, they just have to get the right words done so everything┬ámakes sense.

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