Lower Body Strength

My lower body strength is definitely better than my upper body strength, but it’s still something I have to work on. We did squats, dead lift, and calf raises to test our lower body strength in lab. It was initially tougher than I thought because I do squats occasionally, and run when I can, but I never do anything with weights. This exercise really made me consider putting weights and weight-bearing activities into my light workout routine.

We also did curl-ups, which I did pretty well in because I do crunches pretty regularly. The wall sit really took my legs out from underneath me though. I remember doing wall sits in high school and having no problem with. It has now become super difficult and that’s because I haven’t done them in awhile and my body wasn’t use to it. I am definitely going to put more concentration into my lower body workouts now. Here is a link┬áto a cool article about the benefits of weight-training!

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