Today in class we learned about flexibility. People always forget that flexibility is a big part of physical fitness and often neglect to work on it. People don’t realize that being flexible now will help you in the long run when you’re older with your range of motion and back pain. I try to stretch everyday because I want to be more flexible. In class, I did pretty well with arm flexibility and my posture is pretty good. My leg flexibility is something I need to work on because I didn’t do very well on the sit and reach.

To improve flexibility, it’s good to start out slow, maybe once a week and holding the stretch for 10 seconds. Then working up for 2-3 times a week, holding the stretch for 10-15 seconds, and working up to everyday for 30 seconds. Everyone should and needs to work on their flexibility. Its not strenuous and it will help you in the long run with body pain.

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