Sport Nutrition

Today in lab we talked about Sports Nutrition and the differences in the fuel amounts the body needs when it comes to engaging in sports or just being a healthy individual. We learned that unsaturated fats are the healthy fats like oils. Saturated fats are the bad fats that increase LDL, the bad cholesterol, and decrease HDL, the good one. Transfats are unsaturated fats that have been chemically induced to have the characteristics of saturated fats.

We also learned about carb-loading methods that will best fit the┬ákind of exercise you are going to engage in. The thing I found most interesting is that people should have 30% of their caloric intake from fats, and it’s safe to assume that a lot of people consume a lot more than 30%. I can’t speak for myself because I don’t pay attention to what I eat (which is bad) but knowing that information makes me want to pay more attention to what I put in my body.

How Much Fat Should I Eat?


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