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Future Thoughts

When I think about the current state my digital text is in, I feel good. I feel that I have chosen a good topic that has a lot to say and that I can work with. I also think my initial question is good: How has social media like Twitter changed the way society communicates? My inquiry project will go very well I think because I am very capable of applying myself.

I am looking at my inquiry topic from a sociological and maybe even an anthropological perspective. I chose to add the anthropology aspect because I didn’t want to leave out the whole past and present aspect.

If I could see 10 years into the future, I see two possibilities. One, twitter is totally over with and forgotten about and treated like Myspace. Or two, it is striving as good as ever. There may be new features I can’t possibly understand at this point in time, and it may be able to transcend social media and become different. As for limitations, I think there could still be “twitter beef”, cyber bullying, and the plain old controversy that comes all with Twitter and all that it is. Maybe twitter will even develop a Facetime feature in the direct messaging or plain messaging center.

In all honestly, I have no idea if my predictions are right, but I do think that something big will happen with twitter, given all the technology we have today. There is no way of knowing what is to come, but I suppose it is fun to guess.


I wish to accomplish a better understanding of my own writing skills, writing  style, and application. I hope that I can walk away from this class with a better understanding of the technology I use around me. Technology is sort of shrouded in mystery to the ordinary folks so it would be cool to understanding what I’m using better. I believe what I wrote because firstly, I wrote it, and secondly, because technology is always changing and moving forward so something new is bound to happen.

I think that this post does connect with what I want to convey in my Inquiry Project. With my Project, I will try to show how society has changed and will be forever changed by current technology. I would to portray a positive argument that has come with technology while also giving a counter argument because it wouldn’t be a research paper without one. I want my paper to show the good things about Twitter and technology while being humorous maybe but also informative at the same time. I sort of want to be into the past a little bit and explain how people used to communicate and how it has changed. Then I will talk about the rise of twitter and all the fun info that comes with it.