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Personal Dynamic Nugget

“For most of recorded history, the interactions of humans
with their media have been primarily nonconversational and
passive in the sense that marks on paper, paint on walls, even
“motion” pictures and television, do not change in response
to the viewer’s wishes. A mathematical formulation—which
may symbolize the essence of an entire universe—once put
down on paper, remains static and requires the reader to
expand its possibilities.”

This quote interesting because I disagree with the quote, and I usually agree with the nuggets I chose. Personally, I do think “marks on paper, paint on walls, and motion pictures and television” aren’t nonconversational and passive. I have read many books that resonate with me, TV shows that I wish would never end (Breaking Bad, come on), and brilliant movies that leave me awestruck.  I do understand what the author is trying to say though. That once something is put down, it’s like it’s there forever, unchanging but I don’t see it that way.

I think it is up to personal interpretation whether things put down on paper is static because everyone experiences things differently. This connects to my digital text in a way that tweets are kind of like writing down what you want to say, but instead of putting it on paper, you put it into cyberspace. My interpretation is important because maybe someone else reading this will be able to see my side of interpretation and make an interpretation of their own.


N30nRainbow and I had similar mindsets by choosing the same quote, which means it must ave been a pretty good quote. I like the way they were able to connect their quote with their primary text.

Ewingjm2 chose a good quote that went well with their primary text and was able to use that to their advantage to explain why their primary text was important.

yusr4 chose the same quote as ewingjm2, so there seems to be a bit of a pattern in quote selection. Again, they were able to use this article as a stepping stone to further explain their primary text.