Introduction (SOCY 502)

Hi all! My name’s Peter Jameson, and I’m in my second semester of the sociology program at VCU. I also finished my undergraduate degree here, which was a BA in political science. I’m typically interested in issues surrounding economic inequality, but I’d also like to learn more about gender and sexuality. So far, I’ve been working on topics surrounding consumer debt, but I’m trying to refine and maybe rethink this before the spring. I’m super excited for this course, as I’ve had an entire semester of graduate school without theory, which really gives you time to reflect on how important it is to know what your classmates are talking about. I also really enjoyed this course as an undergraduate, but I definitely need a refresher.

I truly despise writing these sorts of introductions, so I’m just going to close with a not very professional picture of my cat, Mister Fluffy Pants. It’ll probably necessitate me scrubbing this post off my page before the end of the semester, but hopefully somebody will appreciate it. I swear he has a tail, I must have just cropped it off..



Hello world,

I’m a super mega hyper senior at VCU, and I plan to graduate in December. I’m enrolled in the Political Science program, with a concentration in public policy and administration, and I’m also working to complete a minor in sociology. I’m from NOVA but I’ve also lived in California, New Orleans and Egypt. I’ll be using this site primarily to interact with Dr. Johnson’s sociology project for her SOCY 402-002 section.  Thanks for reading!

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