Associative Trails of Others

In looking at the associative trails of others, I generally found that I was swimming with the current along with most of my classmates. in some aspects, and in others I was in an entirely different body of water. I misinterpreted the assignment in that I immediately connected the article to a media outlet without having to search the internet at all. Perhaps I could have explored alternative avenues further, but the article immediately led my mind to Radiolab. So in this regard, I felt alone in my thinking.

Where I felt immense relief was in reading the associative trails of others that either were mildly offput by the act of disclosing personal internet history for others to view, such as in the blog of Mariah Kahn. Mariah also found this discrete sampling of her activity to be grossly inaccurate, and I have similar feelings. In her post she mentioned having a plethora of tabs open to satisfy the multi faceted and multi-platform demands of this class, and that is something that I too am really struggling to get the hang of. I haven’t yet been able to locate all of the assignments for the class or to really organize the due dates for assignments, which has been a frustrating process. I also am not a huge utilizer of social media, so the Twitter aspect baffles me in general.

Over at Cabouniv200 the author, similar to myself, had an idea of what they wanted to connect to the article from the get-go.  Unlike myself, they searched for items on the internet. They also found the exercise to be a touch cumbersome in its requirements, which I felt as well.

I found Becca Brehm’s associative trail to be really great in that it reminded me of my natural research habits on the internet. The assignment confounded me, but she was able to dive right into it and jump from one topic to another, a favorite pastime of mine.

In my original nugget I certainly think that I could have done more scouring on the internet. But at the same time, I honestly am not sure whether or not it’s a bad thing that I was quickly able to relate the article to something I am compelled by. I don’t like to waste time, so I didn’t see the point in indulging in a false search for something I had already found inside of my head.



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  1. I agree with this for the central reason that I also feel the structure of this class, while creative and inspiring, is highly convoluted. The first two days of this week I was under the assumption that assignments would be posted on Blackboard. So I started the course late, finally realizing how the course worked, and have been struggling to catch up ever since. I am also having trouble keeping up with the due dates, if you find any way of improving at this, please don’t hesitate to impart some of this wisdom to me. Happy trails!

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