Concept Experience of Others

Honestly, I think that in my concept experience I may have missed the mark a bit. Or perhaps not. If the prompt was liberal with how individuals were permitted to interpret it, then I think I’m golden. If this was supposed to tie back into the overarching subject of our research for the course, then….well I missed that bit. I dove into my concept experience thinking back only to the near past, to the article that we read this week and also to a separate document that the article brought to my mind. So that second document, Suicide Note, is where I started.

I enjoyed reading through and figuring out how other people went about this assignment, and in many of the posts I learned about new subjects entirely. Such is the case with Morgan’s, whom I was really thrilled to learn something new about the human mind and experience from. From their post I also realized that many others approached the assignment with their overarching research in mind.

Mariah’s entry further solidified that I miiight have gone about this project in a different way from most, as she went for a really well composed and systematic research experience. I really think it’s admirable that she was able to ensure that the research was all ultimately relevant. This is especially critical seeing as her subject is essentially a conglomerate of all subjects. She also posed some really fascinating ideas for how Wikipedia can be utilized within an educational context so it doesn’t undermine, but can actually fortify, research techniques.

Sarah’s research really seemed to resonate with our peers, myself included, because technology is an absolutely infuriating and incessantly frustrating thing to coexist with. Her post didn’t lean as heavily on her primary text for the course as many others did, though she did tie it in. Her more open-ended approach to the prompt was a bit of a relief for me to read.

So, my original Nugget might have missed the mark, but I honestly went into this not aiming for anything (I think my post reflects that). For me, this was an exercise in seeing how many connections I can make (thinking back to last week’s article and the associatively-driven human mind) and how far I can deviate from the starting point, all the while attempting to explain the non-linear processes occurring as I was researching. In this regard, I found the exercise extremely fun and fruitful, because in the end I think I created a semi-coherent analysis of differing cultural views of suicide, and how perhaps imperialism has played a role in shifting views in certain parts of the world. Is my argument bogus? Probably. But it was fun to play along with my own outlandish ideas and make them into whatever it is that I wrote.

Next time I could certainly be more formulaic and less spontaneous. And certainly I could benefit from thinking about the bigger picture, being what I am planning on researching for the course. I got too caught up in the act of researching, and suddenly….oh wait I’m supposed to be talking about the internet? I think there was some merit in what I did, but I definitely learned to reel it in and be a bit more focused.


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