Twitter reflection

Twitter can be a good means of rapid communication, so in that regard I think it’ll be useful for the inquiry project portion of this course. I was actually approached by someone before I reached out to anyone, and her project seems to be relevant to mine. After exchanging Diigo names, I perused the sources that she’s cited on Diigo, and I think that I may utilize a couple of them and see where they can lead me within my research.

My only real “concern”, for lack of a better word, because I’m not actually concerned so much as perplexed, is that I’m not so sure that I am planning on collaborating with others much for my project. I’ve reached out to a couple of other folks, such as Mariah, but at times I may be attempting to create relationships and conversations that are moot.

I can certainly find a relationship between my project and one such as hers, since we’re both dealing with information and the access to it, so maybe there are worthwhile results to be enjoyed.

I can foresee a possible exchange of information and sources with Helen, because I’m much less focused on the goings on of the Government, and much more with the resistance to the government’s actions.

Basically, we’ll see! Twitter is certainly useful, and the collaborations could be fruitful.

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