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This nugget caught my attention largely because for a moment it deviated from the topic of the product that the authors were so fervently peddling. It then continued to keep my thoughts focused as it offers an interesting commentary on the different breeds of versatility and universality that exist. When things are too open-ended, they have a tendency to overwhelm folks, but if too rigidly defined, then novel uses can be difficult to postulate and absurd to consider.

Tor strikes me as belonging to the overwhelmingly open-ended form. It is a platform with such limitless possibilities (both conceptually and legally, as I’ve discussed previously) that is can be daunting to approach and intimidating to use. One of the crucial tools of Tor is its encryption, the anonymity of this browser is what defines it and grants it its superlative potential.


In Morgan’s post, she addressed the strides that technology has made in recent years. Current technologies are approaching a near-culmination of the Dynabook dream that dominated the article, but Morgan also recognizes the arenas in which there is still ample room to grow.

I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t jump to the association between the Dynambook and the iPad as Mahsha did, but I most certainly agree with the link that she found. I was also really intrigued to read about the connections of thought and personal that she found between Steve Jobs and Alan Kay. I also empathize with her observation that in spite of the relative newness of the internet, we have grown to absolutely rely on it. She specifically mentioned the use of these technologies within an academic setting.

Which leads me to Mariah’s nugget, which talked more in-depth about these copious technologies and juxtaposed them with lackluster performance and engagement by modern students. I agree with her that these technologies aren’t necessarily being used as supplementary materials, but at times as crutches. I also assert that in many ways the outsourcing of learning out of the classroom, away from hands-on activity and socratic discussion, and into online classes and homework sites has led to a decrease in comprehension and contributed to cynicism and disinterest amongst students.


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