Nugget/Future Thoughts Revisit

In my nugget, I really focused on the adaptability of Tor. Tor, as I discussed it, is a chimera with something to contribute to most spheres of society. In my Future Thoughts post I then continued to elaborate upon the universality of Tor by asserting that this aspect is what will propel it further. It has a simple premise that differentiates it from other browsers, and that is the key. There are only minute differences between humans and other primates, but it is because of these details that evolution has greatly favored our species. In that post I furthered upon my nugget, and argued that the nuances of Tor’s physiology will enable it to sink into the pores of society and be perfused across socioeconomic and cultural barriers.

In perusing the blogs of my peers, I found some really compelling predictions as to the fates of their respective source-texts. Not many of them really appeared to intersect with my approach or thesis, but they were fun to read nonetheless. I was really amused by what I read at Cabouniv200 in particular. They made the prediction that their text, Facebook, will evolve to enable users to locate and interact with their friends in more palpable and geographical terms, relying on user location coordinates to aid in connecting people both on the internet and IRL. This is hilarious to me because it is the absolute antithesis of Tor, which aims to obscure by any means possible. Personally, I have been a recovered Facebook user for nearly four years now. I kicked the habit before going to college because I found the¬†availability of information about me to be unsettling, so if this is the projected culmination of Facebook, it is both logical and frightening. Sara’s post was also really compelling, because she predicts a new role altogether developing for her text, rather than further specialization within its current role. She focused on cognitive games becoming more utilitarian and less superfluous, which is quite similar to my take on Tor. Though our content is very different, we’re both asserting that our texts are goldmines of potential waiting to be tapped. She also took the time to recognize the social implications of the expanding roles of cognitive games, and the possibility of backlash or conspiracy to mar their progress. I agree with this, and would venture to say that much of the current Tor populous would be the ones lamenting the government’s plots for mind control a la cognitive games. I may be thinking too small, but I think that they would be ridiculously useful as a lock-out system on phones and apps (which she mentioned as a primary application) to deter texting/calling/Facebooking whilst inebriated. Mariah’s predictions are also conceptually similar to my own in that she believes that Wikipedia will just continue to grow in terms of its informational prowess. She also is regarding her primary text as an example that she can cite in order to illustrate more abstract comments about the current and future states of education and learning. Though I am leaning on my text more heavily, my arguments are likewise going to inhabit a mostly conceptual and ideological realm; namely the implications of near-total freedom of information and the liberty granted by anonymity, as well as the importance of maintaining (or destroying) this status.

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