Inquiry Project Beta

Creating this project (or paper? website?) is a very different animal from the past research projects I’ve encountered. I’m finding the organizational aspects of the project to be something of a roadblock to me, as I’m not much of a website builder. Creating something with different pages and subtopics as continuations and elaborations of one central idea is something very new to me. As such, I know very well that I’ll be (and have been) shuffling things around substantially in this first draft. Aside from that, and the incorporation of other media into the project outside of my own written words and quoted texts, this is shaping up very much like all of my rough drafts: as a seemingly incoherent, copiously wordy and rambling mess. This is how I operate. I initially throw each and every thought together, then reduce it substantially. It’s like making a good sauce.

Anyways, it lives hereĀ 

One thought on “Inquiry Project Beta

  1. 1. So having read part I so far, I would say that your writing is beautiful and whimsical and always a pleasure to read. As for your thesis, you bring a problem to light and expand on that problem. However, I’m not sure I ever caught on to the thesis/response to the problem/debate. Will report back after part II!
    Okay, so after reading part II I think I definitely have a basic handle on your topic, because like the entireeee thing was imagery. Which is fun and a super good way to bust that word count (I’m actually really jealous right now that I can’t do the same thing with my topic/writing abilities) . However half way in I’m looking for the research.

    Oh! I didn’t realize you hadn’t finished. (you haven’t finished, right?) Let me put on my apology ascot (I loved that) and come back later!

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