This past weekend I attended the annual Children’s Hospital of Richmond (CHoR) Peds on the Beach conference, though this year was more Peds on the computer. The conference was a shortened version of the standard 3-day event.  This conference offers a well-rounded offering for primary care providers and providers who want to stay updated on information outside of their specialty area. Updated information is the benefit I gain from attendance.

I have found that parents often share all health concerns they have, whether related to the day’s visit. Therefore, it is necessary and responsible to provide appropriate and correct information rather than a simple ‘I don’t know’. In addition, it helps when communicating in referrals to explain what the parental concern is or what was observed during the visit.

Several sessions felt pertinent to pediatric asthma. A colleague presented relevant information on asthma myths. A provider from Heme/Onc shared information on newly approved medications prescribed for patients with sickle cell disease. This information provides an understanding of these medications now that I am expanding my knowledge base to patients with sickle cell disease and asthma.

I found one of the Workshops,” Mental Health Access,” informative as well. The speaker shared information about a state program, Virginia Mental Health Access Program, that will be useful for our patients in UCAN, along with the American Academy of Pediatrics, Virginia Chapter President talking about Bridges2Resources VA.

I always come away with valuable information from this conference. I again look forward to next year to help expand my knowledge and better serve my patients.


DNP Essentials: I, VI, VIII