Something I have always been interested in was consciousness. What is consciousness? The eastern culture’s has dived pretty deep into what it actually is. The western culture in the other hand, are too focused on economy, politics, and technology. There isn’t necessarily wrong with the way the west was living their lives, except their culture was run by the idea of making money, which leads to greed and other problems.

The eastern cultures like Japan, China, Tibet, India, and many other countries, knew that humans were much more than what we preceived to be. We were born into a slavery, were our only source of information was soley based on our five senses, and our mind to analyze it. The eastern cultures discovered, that our mind is hijacked with thoughts. Thoughts about our past or future, on what were going to eat, on what to do for tomorrow, etc. They never stop. So what they discovered is meditation and yoga. Which gets you to focus your mind on one thing, which changes your brain wave length, that can be measured using an EEG. Apparently, the wavelength that the brain is in while meditating, is the same wavelength found in everywhere in nature.

While being in this state of mind, its called a higher level of consciousness. Where you are not limited by your body, nor your thoughts. This will help you understand what life is really about and how we can better ourselves as a human being.  A Canadian psychiatrist named Richard Bucke, wrote a novel called Cosmic Consciousness.  He explains who humans began to first experience our self consciousness, and are the only beings to do so on Earth, as we know of. Eventually when our species starts to experience these higher levels of consciousnesses as a whole, our minds will evolve into a the highest type of consciousness called cosmic consciousness.

I would like to write about how we, as a specie, can do so. Starting from teach children,  from a young age and not filling their heads with imaginary worlds, or stories that are irrelevant to what we actually are.  The help of technology will educate people, and showing them proof of how exactly our minds work, cause right now, its all theories. With religion, it becomes all about faith and believing, but with meditation and yoga, it becomes about experiencing.


  1. I would think about how you choose to use the word “experience.” I’d say that if you were to experience life for what it truly is, you’d have to get up and really experience it, see it, travel it. Not sit with your eyes closed, focused on your breathing or what have you.
    This may be just the way I see “experiencing” life and I understand you might see it in a whole other light, which is okay! I’d rather read something you wrote that interested you and you were happy to write about rather than something you didn’t believe in.
    I’d say go for it!

  2. I feel as if bringing in various expert opinion can establish validity in your IBP, appealing to the ethos of your argument. Furthermore, I feel as if comparing theory with reality can truly differentiate the two, and drive home your point.

  3. I am very excited to see where you take this post. I took psychology and have s huge interest in the human mind as well and am an avid participant in yoga. Look forward to reading your ideas!

  4. I love how conceptual this is! But to make a strong argument you need to start by bringing down your ideas into tangible spaces people can relate to-this would be a great place for you to start!

    Slightly unrelated but I just read something about the discovery of a gene the might contain past memories? Pretty cool.

  5. I have an appreciation for your topic! The Eastern view of “Consciousness” is an interesting area to explore after reading so much information on symbiosis and augmentation. I especially enjoy your reference to EEG providing evidence that meditation puts us in harmony with nature. Cosmic consciousness seems like a great read, I’ll have to check it out. You also acknowledge that technology can help us better understand how our mind already works. It seems you and I share a similar taste for Englebart’s suggestion of researching “neural power”. Perhaps we can build our ideas together on what could be done to contribute to the collective achievement of a higher consciousness and framework that incorporates Eastern enlightenment views? Awesome topic, I look forward to reading from you again!

  6. This is a pretty interesting concept! You could try to bring up different religions that have been based on gaining enlightenment and harmony such as Buddhism and Taoism.

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