Inquiry Project Summary

The past couple of weeks, I have been reading articles, books, and watching videos on my topic for this project, which is to educate people about the transpersonal self. I have always been interested in psychology, but I always felt like it was missing something. Currently it only deals with biological, cognitive, and socioculture, but those are the only things that can be studied and observed, and we never look deeper. What yogi’s, spiritual teachers, transpersonal psychologist, and all eastern philosophies teach us is that there is a spirit, soul, higher consciousness, whatever you want to call it, that we as living beings have, but it isn’t acknowledged in our day to day lives. The issue with our society is that we are too focused on our thoughts, and we believe that we are limited to our five senses. What Eckhart Tolle explained in his book was that all suffering comes through thought. So when we quite our minds, we see the world in a different view point, which shifts our consciousness, ultimately, makes us experience our true self. This is what meditation and yoga does; they are all tools to help you get to your transpersonal self, your real self. To a lot of cynics and skeptics, this may seem new age, and a bunch of bull****. But in order to make such a call, you need to experience living in the present moment, and realizing that you don’t need to think all the time, but rather just live in the moment. The other issue we have about how we live is that we misidentify ourselves with our ego. My ego is not me, but a part of me, and that’s a big realization people need to have. But if ego is only a part of me, what am I? Well that’s the first big question to ask and the path of awakening.

This is only a summary to what I will write about, and if any of you guys are curious about this, I will have some sources down below.….pdf

Research Reflection #5

During this week, I have been traveling a lot and during any free time I have, I tried to continue doing more research for the project essay. It has been a knowledgeable and tough task, but I believe the final draft will be worth it. I have also connected my cousin who has friends who are getting their Ph.D in East West Psychology, and is helping me understand my topic a better and giving me great advice for sources.

I have also enjoyed reading Personal Dynamic Media, and thought that the Dynabook is a great idea. We already created the tablets and touch screen laptops, which was the hard part, now we need to create the easy to use and effective software so children can early from it and continue to use it during there education process. I thought it was funny how this idea was purposed int he early 1970s, and 40 years later, we are slowly now making this Dynabook come true.

When I’m not busy this weekend, I will be doing more research this weekend and starting on my essay. I feel like this will be something I will enjoy doing, because I am passionate about the topic.

Concept Experience #5

When I first wrote about about Nugget #3, I really thought about in what ways can we help the future be a better world than it is today. I believe it should start with the new generation of children being born today, and especially during their academic years, to help shape and mold them to better, more intelligent beings then today. With technology growing so fast, and becoming cheaper and cheaper each year; we should have more laptops and iPads in classrooms, helping kids familiarize and experience technology at an early age. I believe we are living in the prime era were we can use our advance technology to help the new generations become better people.

The Concept Experience #2 was a fun blog post because it taught me how wonderful modern day internet can be to answer all sorts of questions. I was outside all day prior to writing that blog post, and I thought about we look up all the time and see how the sky is blue, but never really ask how or why. But with the internet, I can just go to Google, type in the question, and BAM, there is the explanation with evidence backing it up. No one could have thought about such a tool less than a hundred years ago, but it exists! It can answer peoples curiosities about the most random or specific things, because they’re somebody who has once thought the same thing.

I really enjoyed writing about my Nugget #2, because I was always interested in Sci Fi, and how robots and technology would play into our daily lives. I remember coming across an article a while back ago about this Russian billionaire trying to use science, technology, and neuroscience to create a hologram version of us by transferring our consciousness when we die. I thought that was the most interesting thing I read all year, and wondered how we were going to do that. So when I read Man Computer- Symbiosis, I thought this was the perfect connection I can share to the rest of the class, cause it’s an interesting idea and who knows it may come true!

Nugget # 5: Personal Dynamic Media

“What would happen in a world in which everyone had a
Dynabook? If such a machine were designed in a way that
any owner could mold and channel its power to his own
needs, then a new kind of medium would have been created:
a metamedium, whose content would be a wide range of
already-existing and not-yet-invented media.
An architect might wish to simulate three-dimensional
space in order to peruse and edit his current designs, which
could be conveniently stored and cross-referenced.
A doctor could have on file all of his patients, his business
records, a drug reaction system, and so on, all of which could
travel with him wherever he went…..”

I feel like a Dynabook is a great idea, especially how its relevant now then in 1972, when Alan Key proposed the idea. With iPads, tablets, and touch screen laptops; it seems to be a perfect time to create such a device were babies and toddlers can starts to experience such vast information in their finger tips. As I said in one of my previous concept experience, we need to let children play and understand how to use the modern day technology early in their lives, so they can expand in a more rapid rate.

With the Dynabook, we can start to teach kids other languages, math, science, reading, music, and even programming at an early age; which can also change how we run our public schooling. Instead of children watching cartoons and playing video games for hours and hours during the week, they can instead be on their Dynabook, learning how to speak Spanish or French, or even learn a couple of music notes and start playing an instrument before going to kindergarten. I believe that our future is solely based on how we prepare our new generations of citizens, and by making a Dynabook affordable and common, it can help children experience and learn a lot about our life in a short period of time, which ultimately gives them the freedom to explore all of their curiosities before going into college and beyond.



Research Reflection #4

During this week, I have been researching more on my Inquiry project; trying to find credible sources and facts to back up my arguments. Because higher consciousness hasn’t really been studied as much in the Western cultures, it has been practiced for many many centuries in the eastern cultures. Although lots of western spiritualist and philosophers are constantly trying to educate people about the true nature of ourselves. I have been reading The Power of Now, and Alan Watts and trying to tie their philosophies with the Buddhist believes.

I have been enjoying spending this time reading and researching about something not only I find interesting, but something that can potentially help me grow in the future. I would highly recommend the book The Power of Now, to anyone who is interested to broaden their mind, and explore the true nature of reality.

Nugget #4: CL/DM


Technology is an expression of man’s dreams. If man
did not indulge his fantasies, his thoughts alone
would inhibit the development of technology itself.
Ancient visionaries spoke of distant times and places,
where men flew around and about, and some could
see each other at great distance. The technological
realities of today are already obsolete and the future
of technology is bound only by the limits of our
dreams. Modern communications media and in
particular electronic media are outgrowths and
extensions of those senses which have become
dominant in our social development’

Oh, how I owe my life to technology! It has helped me in so many ways, and has truly shaped the person I am now. It has taught me the love of information and knowledge I have. Instead of spending my whole life reading books to gain information, I can do it in minutes in the internet. Technology is really shaped in mans own image. Eventually, we will try to make robots and technology to be as advance as humans, to help us life such unimaginable world!

He is indeed right about how it has expanded our social development with all these social medias. The amount of information, if it is words or pictures, has became so viable and see to obtain, making us a more social society. It gave us the ability to multitask in life, and to spend our time, in a more efficient way. To keep in contact with love ones, is such a wonderful tool, we are all grateful for.

Technology has came so far, people in the early 20th century couldn’t imagine, and we can’t possibly imagine how human life will be in 22th century. We see technology has a way to help us life live the most best and interesting way possible. As long as we know how to use technology to benefit us, not harm us, we will be fine. Technology is really the pinnacle of human inventions. download

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