Nugget #4: CL/DM


Technology is an expression of man’s dreams. If man
did not indulge his fantasies, his thoughts alone
would inhibit the development of technology itself.
Ancient visionaries spoke of distant times and places,
where men flew around and about, and some could
see each other at great distance. The technological
realities of today are already obsolete and the future
of technology is bound only by the limits of our
dreams. Modern communications media and in
particular electronic media are outgrowths and
extensions of those senses which have become
dominant in our social development’

Oh, how I owe my life to technology! It has helped me in so many ways, and has truly shaped the person I am now. It has taught me the love of information and knowledge I have. Instead of spending my whole life reading books to gain information, I can do it in minutes in the internet. Technology is really shaped in mans own image. Eventually, we will try to make robots and technology to be as advance as humans, to help us life such unimaginable world!

He is indeed right about how it has expanded our social development with all these social medias. The amount of information, if it is words or pictures, has became so viable and see to obtain, making us a more social society. It gave us the ability to multitask in life, and to spend our time, in a more efficient way. To keep in contact with love ones, is such a wonderful tool, we are all grateful for.

Technology has came so far, people in the early 20th century couldn’t imagine, and we can’t possibly imagine how human life will be in 22th century. We see technology has a way to help us life live the most best and interesting way possible. As long as we know how to use technology to benefit us, not harm us, we will be fine. Technology is really the pinnacle of human inventions. download

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