Nugget # 5: Personal Dynamic Media

“What would happen in a world in which everyone had a
Dynabook? If such a machine were designed in a way that
any owner could mold and channel its power to his own
needs, then a new kind of medium would have been created:
a metamedium, whose content would be a wide range of
already-existing and not-yet-invented media.
An architect might wish to simulate three-dimensional
space in order to peruse and edit his current designs, which
could be conveniently stored and cross-referenced.
A doctor could have on file all of his patients, his business
records, a drug reaction system, and so on, all of which could
travel with him wherever he went…..”

I feel like a Dynabook is a great idea, especially how its relevant now then in 1972, when Alan Key proposed the idea. With iPads, tablets, and touch screen laptops; it seems to be a perfect time to create such a device were babies and toddlers can starts to experience such vast information in their finger tips. As I said in one of my previous concept experience, we need to let children play and understand how to use the modern day technology early in their lives, so they can expand in a more rapid rate.

With the Dynabook, we can start to teach kids other languages, math, science, reading, music, and even programming at an early age; which can also change how we run our public schooling. Instead of children watching cartoons and playing video games for hours and hours during the week, they can instead be on their Dynabook, learning how to speak Spanish or French, or even learn a couple of music notes and start playing an instrument before going to kindergarten. I believe that our future is solely based on how we prepare our new generations of citizens, and by making a Dynabook affordable and common, it can help children experience and learn a lot about our life in a short period of time, which ultimately gives them the freedom to explore all of their curiosities before going into college and beyond.



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