Concept Experience #5

When I first wrote about about Nugget #3, I really thought about in what ways can we help the future be a better world than it is today. I believe it should start with the new generation of children being born today, and especially during their academic years, to help shape and mold them to better, more intelligent beings then today. With technology growing so fast, and becoming cheaper and cheaper each year; we should have more laptops and iPads in classrooms, helping kids familiarize and experience technology at an early age. I believe we are living in the prime era were we can use our advance technology to help the new generations become better people.

The Concept Experience #2 was a fun blog post because it taught me how wonderful modern day internet can be to answer all sorts of questions. I was outside all day prior to writing that blog post, and I thought about we look up all the time and see how the sky is blue, but never really ask how or why. But with the internet, I can just go to Google, type in the question, and BAM, there is the explanation with evidence backing it up. No one could have thought about such a tool less than a hundred years ago, but it exists! It can answer peoples curiosities about the most random or specific things, because they’re somebody who has once thought the same thing.

I really enjoyed writing about my Nugget #2, because I was always interested in Sci Fi, and how robots and technology would play into our daily lives. I remember coming across an article a while back ago about this Russian billionaire trying to use science, technology, and neuroscience to create a hologram version of us by transferring our consciousness when we die. I thought that was the most interesting thing I read all year, and wondered how we were going to do that. So when I read Man Computer- Symbiosis, I thought this was the perfect connection I can share to the rest of the class, cause it’s an interesting idea and who knows it may come true!

3 thoughts on “Concept Experience #5”

  1. I agree: links would be helpful. Also, while it’s indeed very interesting to hear your thoughts on your posts, I’m not sure how the posts illustrate or demonstrate the concepts Kay and Goldberg were discussing in the prompt. You’ve got a good start on the concept experience. Now the challenge is to take it to the next level, and analyze your posts in terms of Kay and Goldberg’s ideas about computing as a metamedium.

  2. Your interest in science fiction is amazing. One thing you forgot in the blog is to add links with your blog posts. Other than that, your post is amazing.

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