Research Reflection #5

During this week, I have been traveling a lot and during any free time I have, I tried to continue doing more research for the project essay. It has been a knowledgeable and tough task, but I believe the final draft will be worth it. I have also connected my cousin who has friends who are getting their Ph.D in East West Psychology, and is helping me understand my topic a better and giving me great advice for sources.

I have also enjoyed reading Personal Dynamic Media, and thought that the Dynabook is a great idea. We already created the tablets and touch screen laptops, which was the hard part, now we need to create the easy to use and effective software so children can early from it and continue to use it during there education process. I thought it was funny how this idea was purposed int he early 1970s, and 40 years later, we are slowly now making this Dynabook come true.

When I’m not busy this weekend, I will be doing more research this weekend and starting on my essay. I feel like this will be something I will enjoy doing, because I am passionate about the topic.

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