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Inquiry Project Summary

The past couple of weeks, I have been reading articles, books, and watching videos on my topic for this project, which is to educate people about the transpersonal self. I have always been interested in psychology, but I always felt like it was missing something. Currently it only deals with biological, cognitive, and socioculture, but those are the only things that can be studied and observed, and we never look deeper. What yogi’s, spiritual teachers, transpersonal psychologist, and all eastern philosophies teach us is that there is a spirit, soul, higher consciousness, whatever you want to call it, that we as living beings have, but it isn’t acknowledged in our day to day lives. The issue with our society is that we are too focused on our thoughts, and we believe that we are limited to our five senses. What Eckhart Tolle explained in his book was that all suffering comes through thought. So when we quite our minds, we see the world in a different view point, which shifts our consciousness, ultimately, makes us experience our true self. This is what meditation and yoga does; they are all tools to help you get to your transpersonal self, your real self. To a lot of cynics and skeptics, this may seem new age, and a bunch of bull****. But in order to make such a call, you need to experience living in the present moment, and realizing that you don’t need to think all the time, but rather just live in the moment. The other issue we have about how we live is that we misidentify ourselves with our ego. My ego is not me, but a part of me, and that’s a big realization people need to have. But if ego is only a part of me, what am I? Well that’s the first big question to ask and the path of awakening.

This is only a summary to what I will write about, and if any of you guys are curious about this, I will have some sources down below.