Wednesday Presentation

My project is about slut-shaming and how the internet has made it a prominent issue in todays society. I started my paper off with a story line about a girl named Khloe who started attends Michigan State University who falls victim to date rape and slut shaming. Slut shaming is “the act of criticizing a woman for her real or presumed sexual activity, or for behaving in ways that someone thinks are associated with her real or presumed sexual activity.”

Tuesday Post

Tuesday Update: I will be uploading a video in my inquiry paper. Some of you guys have seen this video because I uploaded it into one of my previous blogs. On Wednesday we get to share our projects with the class. I’m excited to see how far people came along with their papers. Goodluck everyone!

Monday Update

I am so tired, school is beyond stressful right now. I’m actually loving the way that my paper is coming along so far. By the end of the day on Wednesday I should have my entire paper completed, well a rough sketch of it. Hopefully everyone is coming along on their papers. Good luck guys see you in class Wednesday!!

Saturday and Sunday Update

Hey guys, professor gave me some great feedback on my rough draft. I have to make my sources stronger and give a stronger argument. I still have to find a dreamer to add into my paper. Tomorrow, I will analyze all of my sources thoroughly and try to find a dreamer to add in my paper. I also have to link to one of my peers blog post, that may be the easiest part.

Happy Black Friday; Update

Happy black Friday guys I hope you all did a lot of shopping. Well today my father went through my paper and he thought my topic was very interesting. He gave me very good advice and even gave me a scholarly source to look through. He loved the introduction to my paper and the first couple of paragraphs. Today, I wrote three more detailed paragraphs. In a couple of days I will be completely done with my paper. Im so excited. I’m also looking for a video to incorporate into my paper. I recently posted a video on slut-shaming a couple of weeks ago. I may use that one or find a different video im not completely sure yet. Anyways, good luck on your papers!

Happy Thanksgiving; Update

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I didn’t do much work but my sister did read over my essay and gave me a couple of brilliant ideas to add in my paper. Im still waiting for my dad to read it because he is a good writer. Tomorrow I will continue to add to my paper.

Wednesday, thanksgiving is coming!

hmmmmm, I cant wait until tomorrow!!!

Before I fill my stomach with delicious thanksgiving food, I need to do a lot of studying and I need to finish  almost all of my paper (the rough draft). Its so hard doing homework when you go home because of all the distractions. Today, I will chose a dreamer that I think fits best into my paper(I’ve really been stalling on this part because it may be the hardest).  I’m also going to get my sister and father to read over the rough sketch of my paper and brainstorm other brilliant ideas. Have a good thanksgiving tomorrow.

Tuesdays Update

Yesterday, I added two more pages to my paper and incorporated a source. The hardest part is trying to incorporate one of my classmates post to my paper. Well maybe its not so difficult I just need to find the right spot to incorporate it into my paper. I like the way my paper is coming along so far, just waiting for some advice so I can make some changes. Good luck on your papers. Tomorrow I will focus on incorporating a Dreamer into my paper.

Monday Update

Well, my rough draft really is rough and has much more work to do. I have a lot more I need to add in my paper and that should all be completed by the weekend at the latest. I still have all my sources just haven’t incorporated them all in my paper. I  hope everyone is making progress. Good luck on your papers!