The Princess bids you all a lovely farewell!

I never thought this day would come! Final blog. Final post. Final replying to 2 classmates. In addition, this upcoming Monday is our final class together as a whole. It’s going to be so sad to depart and go our separate ways, but I am actually happy to have virtually meet you all, including Dr. C! This was actually a class my advisor recommended me to take as a last minute class since my other was taking place in-person at the last minute. The fact it was British Literature was already exciting considering I’m passionate and invested in the British culture as a whole!

I’m really going to miss logging into class, listening to the wonderful music Dr. C plays before beginning lecture. My other professors doesn’t do this, which makes British Literature my favorite class. Reading Beowulf first was a special treat, and still ironic to read the epic poem twice (in my English 215 class) as well as read more beautiful poems about princesses, knights, wars. It was great touching on Shakespeare too! Having the forum up for us to post during the week was a great alternative to connect with classmates.

Dr. C is an absolute sweetheart, passionate, supportive professor! The fact he was willing to start doing Movie Mondays, Story time, and Town Hall was incredible and keep the class actively engaged.

Thank you so much for a beautiful experience in English 203 Dr. C!

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Wasn’t this class the best!? I loved it so much. All my other classes paled in comparison to this one, and I am so thankful to have been a part of it! I actually hadn’t realized how sad it would be to not hear that opening music anymore until you mentioned it. My heart…*heart clench*

I hope I am not speaking for everyone incorrectly, but… we have enjoyed meeting you too! I think the inclusiveness that our class possessed really allowed people like you to shine through! Thank you for being so welcoming and engaging with the rest of us as I hope we were to you! Good luck on the rest of your adventures!

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