ENVS 643 Advanced Environmental Data Visualization

This section of the website is devoted to course content developed as part of the VCU Center for Environmental Studies Advanced Data Visualization Course, ENVS 643.

  • Leaflet.js as a Visualization Tool (2/19/2019) -     Often, when scientists and policy makers attempt to communicate relevant issues impacting individuals, the data and science communicated may not placed in a context that makes the information compelling to the information consumers. Visual cues and mapping can prove to be useful tools in this process, providing geographic context and relevancy to individuals.  [...]


  • Leaflet As a Mapping Resource (3/13/2019) -   Leaflet Maps Marker is a VCU WordPress Plugin which creates a map viewer with data. Additional capability can be added as well as more advanced mapping.     In this exercise, a map showing the City of Richmond public library locations will be created and embedded in a Rampages WordPress post.   The data [...]


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