4 thoughts on “Jannie’s Intro

  1. Welcome to the course! First-Gen solidarity here! I too am a first gen, so I can definitely identify with your struggles and triumphs getting to where you are. Don’t worry about the coding experience! Datacamp is a great site that is going to take it step by step. I see that this is your first experience with digital data, so welcome to its messy world!


  2. Jannie,
    Greetings, and thanks for your video introduction. I am in your Group 2 for our first group assignment. I have already put a Google doc. in the Group 2 folder, I was thinking we could come up with 5 problems and questions and then narrow it down to 3. I included my email so that we could comment on the form but also communicate via email. I am looking forward to working with you on this assignment. Thanks again for your video intro.


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