Eat-logoI had the great pleasure of tracking my poor eating habits!! This week had been stressed filled and full of meetings. I have to be at  work everyday at 7: 30am. I am not a morning person so eating breakfast is out! I then have class everyday at 2pm. My classes end at 6:45pm or 9:40. Unfortunately this means I am eating on the go. Mainly processed fast food. This week I tried to eat breakfast. I ate walnuts and raisins, drank a cup of water, juice, or milk. Lunch consisted of a fast food combo meal with a soda. Dinner was optional most nights. I frequently get side tracked and forget about dinner. I learned that I feel better when I eat more balanced meals. Even though we only had to track 3 days I tracked 6.  Three of the days I made a conscious decision to plan out my meals. It was time consuming but I felt a physical change. I had more energy and woke up early to complete a homework assignment as suggested by Professor Dick.  I have decided to try to plan my meals in advance.  I even took my lunch to work 2 days. At first it seemed odd since I don’t take lunch but it saved me a few dollars.

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  1. Wow! It sounds like you were able to identify eating patterns over those 6 days and make changes at your own pace. I teach a late class two times/week and when I do that, my eating habits get thrown off as well. I have yet to master my schedule during those times but I find that if I eat a heavy ‘snack’ at 4 and then a light ‘snack’ at 730, I feel satisfied. I do find that the heavier I eat late at night, the more sluggish I feel in the morning. And, I’m generally not hungry for breakfast which sets off a sporadic eating schedule for the day. It definitely takes planning which can be time consuming and tricky.
    Thank you for sharing!

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