This semester, this class taught me so much and has opened so many doors of just understanding studying abroad. I’ve learned the reasons why going abroad could be beneficial, yet hamrful to some, and also why It would be a good fit for me. Starting off in the class, I had the wrong idea of where I wanted to go and why I wanted to go there. I thought that money was going to fully stand in the way and that people just study abroad to just get away from where they’re from and into a new scenery. I learned I would like to study abroad  to learn and see first hand how other cultures interact. It’s fascinating to see how different but yet similar people of different backgrounds can be. I hoped that as I get older, I’d be mature enough to know when I’m ready.In the end, I think I’m actually more ready and mature than I give myself credit for. I also had no clue that studying abroad supposedly should cost the same if not cheaper than your tuition  you are already paying for the semester.  It was actually ironic because my mom and I were talking this weekend about this study abroad course. We also brought up how expensive it would be and how it would be a lot more than what I’m paying right now. It would be interesting to now share the information I’ve gotten. The only knowledge of studying abroad I had at first was from movies and a little from my friend who was a foreign exchange student back in high school. Since movies glamorize everything and my friend and I never really talked into depth about finances and the hard work that goes into studying abroad, you can say I knew little to none. Now, I can say that I definitely understand the concept more. I figured out that I would like a more structured study abroad experience. I get very uncomfortable with too much independence, no schedule, and no familiar faces. I don’t think I’d have fun if it was an experience where my activities were solely up to me. Honestly, I’d probably just stay in  my room where I felt comfortable. I also would prefer more of a short-termed study abroad experience because I feel I’d get too home sick to even appreciate my time there. Although, since the short-termed is more expensive, I should consider getting out of my shell and going with long term. If I were to study abroad, I’d like to do an internship or as well for the purpose of research opportunities and credibility. The program that I love the most is a summer GEO Direct-Enroll program at the American College of Greece. The reason I love this program the most is because it has multiple programs and classes I can take that’s specifically for my major. I’m also a big fan of this whole short-term studying abroad. I also would love to go to Greece so it’s a win-win. I want to go to Greece because it offers a lot of classes for my major and, who wouldn’t want to go to Greece? I think it’s probably one of the coolest and unusual places to go nowadays. The most I know about Greece is from the basics you learn in history class, the Parthenon, the Acropolis of Athens, the whole nine yards. I’ve also seen and learned about Greece from movies, such as 300, and many more. Even though I’m pretty sure movies aren’t the best way to portray Greece in it’s modern time, the history of Greece is still cool. I also love watching and reading about Greek mythology, although, I think Greek mythology could be considered a stereotype. I feel like a lot of people when they think of Greece, automatically think of them as toga wearing, 12 God having people, even though it was so long ago. Actually, Greece has a large proportion of Christian Orthodox. Although I don’t know much about Greece, I really want to explore and learn more about the culture and language. I think that’s another reason I’m pulling towards Greece so much. I have never traveled there or even met anyone that has been there. Finally, I learned study abroad isn’t for everyone.  A lot of times, people engage in things to make themselves seem more precious than they really are. It’s like, they don’t help people for the people benefit, they do it for their benefit. And posting on social media for others to see them participating in these international programs, gives them comfort to make it feel like they’re doing something right. It is also true that individuals, especially those that have more money than the average family, makes sure their kids participate in some type of fancy service-learning program, but, while they boast on Instagram, they forget to not only help and care about what they’re doing internationally, they forget to help out with things that are going on in their own backyards. Although many aren’t passionate about their services, depending on your internal goals and motivations, you can definitely still engage in international volunteering experiences and do more good than harm. It honestly all just depends on you. There are people in this world that genuinely want to give back, with no cell phones or personal satisfaction. Some people really want to just help. Study abroad was a fun engaging class. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of it!

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