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Week 14: Goodbye Everyone!

We did it, this is it, we made it to the last week of the semester. All that is left now is Reading Test 3 and then we’ll have made it through ENGL203. While this course certainly hasn’t been my favorite, I’m no English major, I feel like I’ve learned a lot. Dr. C’s analysis has always been interesting and with every work we read, I felt like I came out the other side with a greater understanding. I could have taken many other courses to fill these credit hours, but I’m glad I choose this one.

Now on to how this week has been………. yeah it’s been. I have a lot of finals going on between my courses. I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed. I created a page in my planner just for everything I have to get done before December first and having it all there in an easy to look at list is very intimidating. I’m glad we’re going to get that entire week to work on the Reading Test instead of just one weekend, it’s going to help me actually have time to work on it. This one I’m a bit worried about however. Since I’ve been so busy with all my other courses I’ve been slacking on this last month’s readings, I’m going to have to take some serious time to catch up and review the work I probably should have already done. It’s time to put my nose to the grindstone it’s the final sprint.

As for the last class next week, we’ve been asked to bring a “gift” for our classmates. Honestly, I have no ideas at all for this. Maybe I’m just feeling drained but I really don’t have anything interesting to share in my brain right now. Head empty. I’ll continue to ponder over the next few days, but to anyone who reads this before Monday morning, what are you doing? Maybe I’ll feel inspired.

Anyway,I guess this is my final blog post and my final chance to say goodbye and thank you. So goodbye and thank you guys and thank you, Dr.C. This class has been a bright spot on an honestly really shit semester so I’m I got the opportunity to take it.

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I wish you luck on the upcoming test! I’m in the same boat being behind and all. Things seem to being happening so fast!

Also for the gift, I’m not completely sure what I’m doing but maybe consider a book or song recommendation?

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