Computer Lib/ Dream Machines Nugget Post

As I read this article of Ted Nelson’s Computer Lib/Dream Machines, I tried to keep in mind my own research project of social media and how it has affected music. While this article doesn’t have anything to do with music, I was able to find a passage that dealt with social media and technology:

“Technology is an expression of man’s dreams. If man
did not indulge his fantasies, his thoughts alone
would inhibit the development of technology itself.
Ancient visionaries spoke of distant times and places,
where men flew around and about, and some could
see each other at great distance. The technological
realities of today are already obsolete and the future
of technology is bound only by the limits of our
dreams. Modern communications media and in
particular electronic media are outgrowths and
extensions of those senses which have become
dominant in our social development”

This passage spoke to me and my project because of how social media has been used to expand music. The passage demands that man must indulge in his dreams, to try to make them possible and to work hard so that they can be possible in the future. Like the passage says, if we do not indulge and are only left with thoughts and not actions, our technology will become obsolete.

Don't Give Up, Nelly
Don’t Give Up, Nelly

This passage can be related to my research project in that those who have used social media to their advantage have indulged in their fantasies and have tried to make their dreams a reality. Using websites and social medias such as Youtube, Vine and others, artists have been able to post up their own music for people to see and experience. The passage states that what we believe to be possible is only bound by our dreams, and asks us to make them a reality so that others can experience them. To do this, people have used social media, or outgrowths and extensions as described by the passage, to make these dreams possible. Without social media and its far reaching places, expanding our dreams would not be nearly as easy.

Inception Rules
Inception Rules


While our ideas may not be as complex as Inception, they are the beginnings of every reality that has ever came to be in our world. From small advancements to new in the technology world, every great invention had to start somewhere; in our mind. Our mind’s ideas have been able to be extended through use of social media so that these ideas can be extended and developed with the help of others as well.

Inquiry Project Week 3

I am studying Social Media and the music industry

BecauseI want to find out how music has adapted and used social media in order to advertise and become more reachable

in order to help my readers find out how social media has affected the music industry and how it advertises.


I decided to focus my research topic on one of my favorite loves: music. Although music is not a topic of social media necessarily, it has been closely linked to social media through starting web pages on sites like myspace and facebook, to tweeting about band updates and other information on twitter, to also creating music and videos on sites like youtube and apps like instagram and vine. Indeed social media has helped music to advance in a way that wan’t possible before internet, social media and other new technologies. In an article that describes the history of music in social media, it gives an outline from the beginning of myspace and using music on social media to today. The article gives a brief timeline of the advances we have been through on the internet to allow bands and artists to expand their product.


Social media has indeed played a significant role on the music indrustry and finding new talent. In an article found on social media, it discusses the various tactics different media sites are using to sell their product. Sites such as youtube  and spotify are being used to give listeners a chance to hear their music without having to pay for it. While Itunes is still the leading seller in music and other home entertainment, other free sites are catching up in membership.

Social media may as well be the future of broadcasting and advertising music as well. Many of us like to post pictures and videos onto different web sites to show our love for the artists we see, and the artists receive advertisement because of it. In this article, it proposes how social media could begin to broadcast live shows so that more people can view them.  Such advancements are necessary to advance music to a broader audience.



1. what social media/websites have you used to find new music?

2. what different ways do you see music being advertised on the internet and social media?


  1. do you think social media had helped or hurt the music industry and how it works?

Concept Experience #3


“But when I digest the writings of another person, I find generally anyway that I have extracted from his structure and integrated into my own a specific selection of facts, considerations, ideas, etc.  Often these different extracted items fit into different places in my structure, or become encased in special substructures as I modify or expand his concepts.  Extracting such items or kernels and putting each on its own notecard helps this process considerably…(These notecards or kernels) provide a workspace for me in which I can browse, make additions or corrections, or build new sets of thought kernels with a good deal of freedom.”

Upon finding articles that were relevant to my inquiry topic about social media and music, and then bookmarking them in Diigo, Doug Engelbert’s metaphor can easily be compared to how his filing of kernels is like of the articles we have found. Engelbert references his new found ideas and thoughts as a note card that has been set aside for possible later use. Diigo gives us the freedom to save what we have found, as well as connect and expand our own findings to that of what other students have found while doing their own research, just as Engelbert is able to make additions to his own work.

When it comes to my own metaphor on how I collect my own sources ideas, etc. , I think of a web application I remember using when I was in grade school. I can’t remember what the application was called, but it was made up of typing information in different bubbles and connecting them to each other.

Doe Anybody Have Any Idea What This Was Called?


The web of bubbles would be connected with narrower and more precise ideas, and could be edited to connect to the appropriate topic. Like Engelbert’s kernels, these bubbles could have information added at any time.

As I read and digest other information, I remember adding information to the web of bubbles like I had on a computer so many years ago. And like a spider web, I feel like I am catching ideas into my library of knowledge as I read them. Some information may stick, and some may not.

Or Something Like That
Or Something Like That

Augmenting Human Intellect Nugget Week #3

It must be borne in mind that a great deal of study and invention is yet to be done in developing the improved augmentation means that are bound to come, and that the examples which we present in this report are intended only to show what is meant by the generalizations which we use, and to provide a feeling on the part of the reader for the richness and power of the improvements we can likely develop in our augmentation means. Many of the examples are realizable today (in fact, some have been realized) and most of the rest are reasonably straight forward extrapolations into the near future. We predict that what actually develops in the new augmentation means will be consistent with our conceptual framework, but that the particulars will be full of surprises.”

I found this passage found in “Augmenting Human Intellect” very interesting because it again somewhat predicts what will happen in the near future regarding technology and problem solving. Like the blog on Man Computer Symbiosis, this essay raises the question of the future means of problem solving, just in another aspect. Both essays can be compared to each other in how they try to realize future capabilities of the human mind and technology. That these predictions are coming true or at least nearly true shows how much humans have been able to develop in the last century.


As I have read these articles on predictions of the future, I have been amazed by how much the people of the past were able to predict or at least imagine the future with the technology and communication that we have today. I guess it should be known that we as humans will always advance in many ways; there will always be new additions or conveniences that can be realized to make our world  better place.

But with my picture from the film Back to the Future above, its also kind of funny of how much people pf the past predicted the future. Back to the Future was made in 1985, and i’m sure people from back then expected hoverboards, flying cars and other amazing enhancements to be around 30 years later. These predictions that have been made are very amusing now, when our technology still seems to be years away from such technological devices.


Inquiry Project Week #2

After working on the Concept experience #2 this week, I went through a number of different a number of broad and different aspects of social media and the internet. Found here, my blog was not focused on one subject but brought me from social media to Mark Zuckerburg to MMORPG video games. After dong this research, I still wasn’t able to find a narrower topic that interested me too much. I have always like video games but the topics I found on them were not very appealing to me. When I was doing me research I wasn’t focusing enough on a topic but just general ideas that I thought were interesting. My blog on “As we may think” reminded me of how I had to rely on the computer to find different topics.

After looking at our collaborative interest document, I looked at the many ideas that were put down about the topic I had suggested: Musical Tastes. Music has always been a huge part of my life. I used to play musical instruments and listen to music whenever I have the time (I am right now!). With the topics that people came up with and the ideas about music I already have interest in, I feel like music would be a good topic. I thought the collaborative posts were very helpful because it let people share their ideas at their own pace without having to be rushed or judged for what they came up with. I feel like when people are given their own space to grow and think, it helps them to find those ideas.

I felt that a lot of the topics that were suggested in other areas of the word document were good, but I felt that they have been overdone or at least felt they had been suggested in so many other classes before. I thought that music doesn’t get a fair amount of recognition in the social media world because it isn’t itself social media. But the aspects today of social media have made music something to be shared in so many different ways today. In my inquiry project in week 1, I wrote about my obsession with instagram. Music has expanded their project virally through apps like instagram, vine, twitter and many others.


Concept Experience #2 Man Computer Symbiosis



  1. Digital Media-
  2. Information Age- Age
  3. Mark Zuckerburg –
  4. Facebook-
  5. Sociology of the Internet- of the internet
  6. MMORPG-
  7. Virtual Economy –
  8. Virtual Crime-
  9. Gold Farming –
  10. Digital Currency-


To start off my search on Wikipedia, I chose Digital Media, as I couldn’t think of a topic easily. I proceeded with a broad topic of the Information Age. It seemed to be a good topic because of its scale in information and affects us as students directly in that we are some of the first people to be directly affected by the new age. In the screenshot I took, it discusses how like the Industrial Revolution brought about a new age, so has the information revolution done as well. Because of this we some of the first to experience it. My search continued through Facebook, an obvious example of information sharing and social media in the new age. While reading up on Mark Zuckerburg, i discovered that he was voted as number 1 of the top 100 most influential people of the Information age by Vanity Fair.

To continue, my search brought me to another form of social media, internet and online gaming. As I continued, i learned of things that take place in video games, such as topics of virtual crime and how money is being stolen on these online games. This topic greatly interested because it is a reflection of our real life crime. Like  the others topics I found such as digital currency, gold farming and the virtual economy, the internet and social medias have formed their own practices that have existed in our real world forever. Practices such as money, stealing from others and selling labor on video games and other media is a complete reflection on what we do in the real world.

Upon ending my search at virtual currency, I felt that I had learned more about other features of online gaming and media that I hadn’t known of before. I am not a computer gamer, so I was unaware of crimes being committed on online computer gaming.

While doing the searches for this blog entry, I felt that I was still in control of my research, with the computer obeying what I had wanted to do. I worked at my own pace and did not deviate away from my work as I was doing it. Despite this, i know I would have needed the computer to get to the last link and complete this assignment. Despite being in control, I am at the mercy of the computer for my information as so many of us are.

Upon completing this assignment, I thought is was a different and fun way to research something. The work was not demanding and I was able to read up on topics of my own choosing. I am also obsessed with using Wikipedia already. I like looking up any random fact that interests me and being able to do it for this blog was fun.

Associative Trails Concept Experience

373 374 375



Looking at my history after doing Nugget Assignment #1, its obvious that I didn’t focus solely on working on the blog. I like so many other people get distracted while working on only one thing. When it came to doing the first nugget assignment, i proceeded to read up on as much game of thrones as I could before finally forcing myself top finally do the assignment. I like others have to do a fair amount of internet browsing until I am finally able to get to work.

Even still, as I was working on my nugget assignment, I browsed through twitter and  even through my phone in order to needlessly distract myself from my work. I have always thought it to be really funny that myself and so many others just ant to get their work done but have a very slow and drawn out method of doing so. Human seem to be natural procrastinators on any form of work.

Like my blog post on how it feels that thinking comes so naturally to use that it feels that we don’t even control it sometimes, browsing the internet is such a natural thing in peoples’ lives. As well as procrastination.

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Inquiry Project blog post #1

Without a doubt, my favorite and most used social media application is Instagram.


Like so many others, I like seeing the posts my friends and family put up about their lives. its fun to be able to get a visual on what people are up to rather reading about it on twitter or facebook. I also really enjoy instagram for the many parody acounts that pop up. Seeing funny pictures in my feed as well as others makes it fun to scroll through my timeline. Also, being an animal lover, I of course follow animal accounts such as pittbillsofinstagram.



The photo above is one of my many pictures of my pitbull with me, and he gets featured on my instagram as much as anything else i put. Being an animal lover, half of my instagram photos are usually of my animals.

As well as being a lover of instagram, I have a few strong beliefs on what instagram should be about.  These might come off as a bit rude, but i feel that I am not the only person who believes in what i do.

First, I’m not a believer in selfies. I have 3 photos of myself on my instagram account, none of which were taken by me. I try to keep the selfies to a minimum because I have always felt that those who do are just asking for attention. They post pictures of some pose that looks dumb and has a caption about what they are wearing. I, like many others, couldn’t care less.

Another thing I hate about instagram is how people feel like they’re awesome aristes because they have a cool picture of a sunset or the view of the James river in Richmond. These particularly annoy because I feel that I see these all the time. These can be fun to look at but I feel like its just another easy way for attention and something that people really don’t care about.

I have one other complaint, but it might offend others, so I’ll keep it short. Baby pictures annoy me, that is all.

I understand that I just started complaining about instagram rather than talking about my love for it, but I feel that sometimes people try to overuse instagram. The pictures I take on instagram are usually things that I find to be really funny or something that seems cool. I try to make others peoples’ feeds fun, and not just for myself. Doing so makes instagram as fun for me as it is for other people.

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“Man Computer Symbiosis” Nugget #2

The idea of Man- Computer symbiosis involves the interaction and cooperation of a the human mind and a computer in order to achieve to make decisions despite still being independent from one another. The article that Licklider writes describes a few different scenarios that man computer symbiosis would be needed in instances of battle. One situation I found can be described below.

The other main aim is closely related. It is to bring computing machines effectively into processes of thinking that must go on in “real time,” time that moves too fast to permit using computers in conventional ways. Imagine trying, for example, to direct a battle with the aid of a computer on such a schedule as this. You formulate your problem today. Tomorrow you spend with a programmer. Next week the computer devotes 5 minutes to assembling your program and 47 seconds to calculating the answer to your problem. You get a sheet of paper 20 feet long, full of numbers that, instead of providing a final solution, only suggest a tactic that should be explored by simulation. Obviously, the battle would be over before the second step in its planning was begun. To think in interaction with a computer in the same way that you think with a colleague whose competence supplements your own will require much tighter coupling between man and machine than is suggested by the example and than is possible today.”

The passage that I found describes how the symbiosis would be necessary in times of war, when decisions must be made quickly but must also still be calculated in order to have a positive outcome. The passage states that no such technology exists today but would need to have the same competence as another human being. Sarah gives her view in her blog, pointing out how Licklider compares humans to computers as well. She points out how we are given tasks, and how we process information and even install programs in ourselves

But what if this were possible?

Despite this technology not being in existence yet, there has been a lot of fiction and culture revolving around the idea of computers and other technologies having the same intellectual capacity as ourselves. Such books, films and other stories suggest that having technology that matches our own intelligence would ultimately cause harm to ourselves. One such film that comes to mind is IRobot:



Using this film as an example is probably the biggest cliche I could have used for my topic, but the situation in the film illustrates my point exactly. Will Smith’s character is fearful of robots and does not trust their motives. Throughout the film, there is question on whether the robots are totally obedient to their human masters or if they than they appear. In the end, the program that was created by humans to help in the robots manufacturing determined itself to be smarter than humans and wanted to take control of them.

Such stories like IRobot and other films like The Terminator series illustrate situations on military takeover by machines. If computers are to one day become as intelligent as the humans that create them and help to make decisions in battle, these stories suggest that they could turn on their creators as easily as they help them.

The Governator


This blog entry calls back to my previous blog of dealing with technology and its effects on us as people. Such over reliance on technology could become harmful if we didn’t have it at all, or could become dangerous to us if we let it get out of hand. We as people need to take a step back from all the technology we use, and try to at least appreciate the times when technology wasn’t around, and people were able to live and survive without it. If we are able to do that, we may be able to realize how much we don’t need technology for every task in our lives. Morgan shares my beliefs in her blog, believing that such control by computers could hurt humans

Katie gives another reason on how Man Computer symbiosis could be harmful. She believes that if humans are not given a choice in a matter and only receive a calculated answer, we will never learn or have consequences for our actions. I feel that he reasoning deepens the issue of humanity in the idea of man computer symbiosis

On the other hand of things, cooperation between man and machine sounds extremely likely and beneficial for society. Popular culture shows a negative outlook on technology, where in reality harmony would probably exist. In my peer Symone’s blog, she questions the possibility of this harmony. Symone indeed believes that such cooperation can change society for the better and I agree with her. If man and machine could exist as partners, only good could come of it.

Gerell also gives an example in his blog with the computer program known as J.A.R.V.I.S.,  from the movie “Iron Man.”  J.A.R.V.I.S. is used in the film to help and interact with Tony Stark, much like the machines that Licklider describes in his article. J.A.R.V.I.S. can communicate with Tony Stark as well reason and understand the situations around him, giving the artificial intelligence human like features


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Nugget Assignment “As we may think”

After going over “As We May Think” again, I found a passage that feels like it had kind of predicted the future, or at least was aware of it.  The article mentions how technology was being held back by expenses,  but in the world we live in today,  things have gotten much easier.

“Machines with interchangeable parts can now be constructed with great economy of effort. In spite of much complexity, they perform reliably. Witness the humble typewriter, or the movie camera, or the automobile. Electrical contacts have ceased to stick when thoroughly understood. Note the automatic telephone exchange, which has hundreds of thousands of such contacts, and yet is reliable. A spider web of metal, sealed in a thin glass container, a wire heated to brilliant glow, in short, the thermionic tube of radio sets, is made by the hundred million, tossed about in packages, plugged into sockets—and it works! Its gossamer parts, the precise location and alignment involved in its construction, would have occupied a master craftsman of the guild for months; now it is built for thirty cents. The world has arrived at an age of cheap complex devices of great reliability; and something is bound to come of it.”

Despite the complexity of such machines and different technologies in our society today, we are able to stay in control of our lives because of these new inventions. Technology today has brought about a level of comfort and enjoyment that could not be achieved before they had existed. On websites such as twitter and facebook, you will see images like this one:


I found this image on twitter, and the caption reads that everything found in this 1991 advertisement can be found in an smartphone (

Images such as these show how far society an technology has come, even after only 23 years, from the time of the ad. Many people embrace this technology, while others fear it. Such over reliance could be harmful should technology just stop working one day.

If technology were to stop working immediately, where would we be?

I have thought of this question many times and I am admittedly scared of the answer I could get if it did happen.  I believe that the advancement of technology is a good thing, but I also believe that society needs to take a step back from its reliance in order to live a simpler and happier lifestyle.