Inquiry Project Week #2

After working on the Concept experience #2 this week, I went through a number of different a number of broad and different aspects of social media and the internet. Found here, my blog was not focused on one subject but brought me from social media to Mark Zuckerburg to MMORPG video games. After dong this research, I still wasn’t able to find a narrower topic that interested me too much. I have always like video games but the topics I found on them were not very appealing to me. When I was doing me research I wasn’t focusing enough on a topic but just general ideas that I thought were interesting. My blog on “As we may think” reminded me of how I had to rely on the computer to find different topics.

After looking at our collaborative interest document, I looked at the many ideas that were put down about the topic I had suggested: Musical Tastes. Music has always been a huge part of my life. I used to play musical instruments and listen to music whenever I have the time (I am right now!). With the topics that people came up with and the ideas about music I already have interest in, I feel like music would be a good topic. I thought the collaborative posts were very helpful because it let people share their ideas at their own pace without having to be rushed or judged for what they came up with. I feel like when people are given their own space to grow and think, it helps them to find those ideas.

I felt that a lot of the topics that were suggested in other areas of the word document were good, but I felt that they have been overdone or at least felt they had been suggested in so many other classes before. I thought that music doesn’t get a fair amount of recognition in the social media world because it isn’t itself social media. But the aspects today of social media have made music something to be shared in so many different ways today. In my inquiry project in week 1, I wrote about my obsession with instagram. Music has expanded their project virally through apps like instagram, vine, twitter and many others.


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  1. Do you want to look at how some of these platforms have changed music? Maybe it’s given more people power in an industry that was very closed to outsiders? (I have no idea — just thinking on the screen). Music isn’t social media, but social media concerns itself with music — right? How does music get represented in social media? What social media platform gives the unknown musicians the most opportunity for visibility? What happens if a musician doesn’t use social media? Do you follow musicians on social media (why?). What kinds of things do musicians tweet about? Do you think they use social media for profit only?
    It will be interesting to see where you research begins this week!

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