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After reading the Kay and Goldberg’s “Personal Dynamic Media,” it was tough for me to find an obvious nugget that could connect to music and media. The section that talks about music did not have any information that I could link to. After going back over the introduction and reading the first page again, I was able to find a nugget that I felt connected to blogging and word of mouth advertising for music.
“Devices” which variously store, retrieve, or manipulate
information in the form of messages embedded in a medium
have been in existence for thousands of years. People use
them to communicate ideas and feelings both to others and
back to themselves. Although thinking goes on in one’s head,
external media serve to materialize thoughts and, through
feedback, to augment the actual paths the thinking follows.
Methods discovered in one medium provide metaphors which
contribute new ways to think about notions in other media.”

The passage I found in Kay and Goldberg’s talks of a medium to store and communicate information, much like blogs and sites like Twitter  and Instagram create a library of pictures and messages that are followed with trending statements. In a previous nugget post of mine, I learned of how Beyonce simply used an instagram photo to announce the release of her latest music album in December of 2013. Beyonce is no doubt a huge star, and the feedback on twitter  and other social media was able to advertise the album for itself and resulted in huge sales.

The nugget I discovered in the article describes of how feedback augments the paths of thinking through the medium used. This compares to how the influence of Twitter was able to attract so many fans to Beyonce’s album through word of mouth. People were able to post about their discovery and use trending topics in order to let others know of the album.

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