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After going through my articles, I have come to the conclusion that I still have a lot of work to do, and that my research topic needs more focus on a main topic. Most of the information I have found seems to only delve into one certain aspect of the larger point of social media affecting music sales, but not enough to the point where it can become my main argument. I will continue through the next two weeks to find more articles that can become more closely related to my topic as a whole, so that I can give a well formed argument on my topic.

UNIV 200 Inquiry project


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  1. 8 out of 8 mention the impact of Twitter, Instagram or social media in relation to the artist (ARE THESE JUST “MENTIONS” ? I don’t think mentions will help you as much as full discussions, examples, etc.)
    3 out of 8 deal with the sales of artist music, in regards to a certain artist or artists as a whole (last part of this isn’t needed I don’t think. So some discuss sales — but what about sales? Do they discuss how social media impacts sales? Try to be more specific in articulating the trends)
    2 out of 8 deal with the music industry’s work to use and understand social media in order to market music (okay, do both of these 2 say the same things about this?)
    3 out of 8 give a personal anecdote of an artist gaining exposure through the use of social media (good trend. Using specific examples helps bolster their argument, and it will help you as well).
    You admit that you need more research. Your full draft is due next week, so you don’t have 2 weeks to do more research! Keep at it this weekend!

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