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The paragraph I found comes in in the beginning of my project, as it summarizes some of the more tangible research and examples of my project:


One way in how the music industry is being affected is by how music is being marketed and how artists are exposing their music brand. In a world where topics on social media are being discussed at a rapid pace, music artists big and small have taken to the internet and platforms like Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and many others in order to expose their music. One such case deals with famous R&B singer Beyoncé .At midnight on Friday, December 13, 2013, she released a simple Instagram video announcing her self-titled album that was released without any other notice that day. Beyoncé’s method that was against traditional advertising paid off, and her album was a huge success. The news of the album’s quick release generated intense twitter feedback; it was reported that over 1.2 million tweets were posted within the first twelve hours of the release. The sales of the album were just as successful, with over 365,000 copies of the album being sold in the first day alone.

The reception of the album as well as the way the album was released has become an obvious example of how social media’s influence has affected the music industry. In his article written in the New York Times titled Beyoncé Rejects Tradition for Social Media’s Power, writer Ben Sasario predicts the impact of Beyoncé’s advertising methods, saying, “Though very few acts could attract the same attention as Beyoncé, the episode contains some lessons — and possibly a future blueprint — for the music industry. In bypassing the industry’s traditional promotional machinery, she demonstrated social media’s power to amplify news and to forge a direct connection to her audience.” Indeed, Beyoncé is a huge star whose following on Instagram was what made the success of her release possible. Even still, the idea of direct connection to her core audience is what made the method stand out.

This is one of the examples where I thought I was able to give some points on the use of instagram in Beyonce’s case.  Most of the information was factual research, so I felt like using my own voice was difficult. If anyone has any tips let me know!


Question for Professor Boaz- I was able to come into contact with a small time artist on twitter and was considering asking him some questions on what he does to get his music exposed. Could I possibly use his responses as part of my argument? and would i need any certain form of citation for it? Let me know please!

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  1. Really great job! All the points and research you explained were excellent, I also do think it is quite a challenge to find your voice in this particular two paragraphs, so instead of worrying about weaving your voice into these two paragraphs, why not add on to the second paragraph, your own thoughts and feelings, or how Instagram has affected your own music journey, or whether or not if Beyoncé’s tactic truly worked given her popularity already?

    Still really great job but I think you have to add more of your own opinion/analysis about what your researcher presented.

  2. Jeremy: ABSOLUTELY talk to the artist and use some of his/her quotes and ideas to support your argument. This will make your research original — and interesting!!

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