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Thoughts on Listening Post #1

The first sound that struck me as musical is the almost gong-like sound starting at 0:04, after listening to it for a couple of minutes, it reminded me of how pizzicato sounds on a cello. I feel like this sound accomplishes the same task as what a bass drum often does, keep time. At 14:40 this sound truly transforms into a gong sound effect over the background of rain.

The second sound that I believe is musical is the violin at 6:50. It contrasts the gong and the repetition of it is a common arrangement in music. The contrast between the violin and gong create a satisfying texture and gives variety to the soundwalk. It is almost like the chorus to a song.

My third choice of sound is the piano at 42:45. The chord is enjoyable but the delayed fourth note gives an eerie feeling and draws in your attention.

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I agree about your third sound for the piano. At first it seems relaxing enough until you realize it’s not exactly a perfect sounding set of notes, and with the other noise in the background you can definitely get a sense of uneasiness. It’s ironic because most piano instrumentals one would think would be calming.

I really admire your ability to pinpoint and name the instruments that you hear. I love music, and I always have but I’ve never studied it and classical music/concert music is something I’ve never much acquainted myself with, besides the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (they’re incredible, come on!).

The water sounds in this recording really appealed to me, but there’s just something about the gong I didn’t like much when they were combined.

I appreciate that a lot of the sounds you listed are associated with musical instruments! It is an area of knowledge I lack on, so learning this will allow me to expand on sounds associated with instruments, rather than an existing electronic beat.

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