What it is to think

Thinking is one of the most powerful intangible idea that a human can perform. It allows us to look at different scenarios and make a course of action that entitles our own self-interest. ¬†Whether that means “what am I going to make for breakfast today” or “what do I need to study”. On average, a human experiences over 5,000 thoughts a day. 5,000. That is a lot of thoughts for one person to handle. But we do it naturally without even noticing it. For me, I like to think that thoughts are only our imagination until you execute them. To think is to put curiosity into your mind and letting it run wild. Right now even, I’m thinking about what I am going to write next but its in my nature to do so. What it is to think is a component that society needs to thrive and move forward throughout our lives. Thinking is the greatest thing ever to happen to humans, because it is so special due to the results radiating out of them.