Connecting with others

When connecting with others, it allows for an open-mind and a different point of view. I think that once expressing your thoughts with others and they either have the same view or a different it gives you conversation. It gives you multiple sides of the spectrum that can spark a new thought or idea. The connection has to be true and concise. It must be thorough in exchanging concepts and with that separate minds can conference and make a solid argument with one another. Seeing other peoples point of views can open up your mind for interpreting ideals differently. Which is the end goal to see if your thoughts can interlock with other people.

Associated Trail

An associated trail has a beginning but a unknown end. It allows for ideas and thoughts to connect into a larger picture. Once on the trail you gather pieces of a puzzle, and with that it gives you an idea of what your end will be looking like. The association between concepts gives you the power to interpret different ideals and hands your direction. In other words, an associated trail has you thinking while you are on a journey to figure out what you are writing about. The association between objects must be clear and crisp, because if not the end goal will be corrupted by not making the connection clear.

Screenshot Blog


My web history supports my thought of school, and I want I need to accomplish. But, a majority of things I search on the internet all come from my phone. Whether it is shoes, sports, or anything that sparks my interest during the day. The screenshot suggest that when I am at my computer I tend to only use it for assignments only. I feel that my thought process is very straight-forward, and getting my work done. The history has “VCU Blackboard” listed more times than anything. In fact it takes up the entire page. When I want to explore my thoughts I use my phone because it is always either in my pocket or in my hand. Contrast to that, the my computer is for school work only.

Nugget Blog

Climate change is bringing small risks that tropical cyclones will form in the Persian Gulf for the first time, in a threat to cities such as Dubai or Doha which are unprepared for big storm surges, a U.S. study said on Monday.

After reading not only the article but this paragraph in the text, it got me thinking about how climate is changing our world. Even though that many politicians say global warming isn’t a real worry, with all the forest fires, water shortage due to heat waves evaporating the water, and now cyclones? I believe that we need to change the ways of what we put into our atmosphere in order to provide healthy living conditions for the future.

I think that my interpretation is important because how we live today will inevitably alter generations in the future. Climate is what we live in and changes society in order to cop with it. Its not only how I look at this but how the world needs to. The way we live in our world today, will affect the future. We just need to make proper changes to ensure less climate changes in the coming years.