First Argument Paper

Growing up in a household where love was the sole aspect of my childhood, it has guided me through my life and now I want to know how. These two different emotions that I care to explore are two different feelings. One being the ability to have such a strong feeling of gravitational force that you always want to be with, and the other having so much disgust that you can never stand it. I grew up in a family where love is everything, family is everything. Never once was I taught how to hate something but yet I am finding that I due hate a rare few of aspects that occur in my life. But how was I able to figure out that emotion if I was never taught it? It has to be how my childhood transpired and how I was able to gather enough information of feelings to reach my conclusion. But, that’s just my childhood. I want to further explore how upbringing affects each emotion.

I feel that my question is important because it is the infrastructure for the rest of one’s life regarding love and hate. It’s the groundwork to how we respond to each feeling, and how we portray it. I find it very interesting that a child can grow up with not knowing what an emotion feels like, but yet growing out of your childhood you know how it feels. The significance of my question revolves around how a child’s setting is during their juvenile years. It has to do with many factors regarding their parents, home life, and even the world around a child lives in. Someone in Northern Virginia, like myself, can how a totally different view of love and hate comparing to someone who lives in California. Or is it the same? It is important to me to obtain the proper research because it does matter. It matters because these emotions will affect us for the rest of our life, it will be taken to our grave.

The central idea orbiting around my question is how we respond to our childhood and how we can make an inference at a young age. An inference that we don’t realize what it is until we start asking the question “How did my childhood affect these emotions?” We are born into a world knowing nothing, with no availability to experience an emotion. That is important because we somehow interpret what emotions mean to us, and how it touches one’s mind.

To culminate what I’ve been trying to convey, is that my question serves as a stepping stone to how we act in our years after we breakout out of our childhood. It is significant because it provides a thought process of how each child’s upbringing is different, and how the ultimately affects their emotions of love and hate.

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